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Your Illness Didn’t Start In Your Body: What the Hidden Immune System Really Is and How to Activate It

By R J Spina


Many people have begun to, if they have not already, walk away from solely relying on western medicine for their health. Too many of us are tired of perpetually managing and treating our chronic illness and disease with endless toxic drugs and their debilitating side effects. There is no actual healing with this current level of understanding and nor will there ever be. Many people intuitively know this. That’s because illness and disease do not originate in the physical body. Nothing originates in the physical realm. 


Our bodies certainly provide the tangible experience of physicality but that is because we are perceiving and experiencing our five senses from the same frequencies that our physical bodies are attuned to. We then wrongly assume that the totality of what we are is only that which we can perceive with our very limited sensory perceptions. It is my experience that what we perceive with our physical eyes is only about thirty percent of our entire body of energy. There is significantly more energetic content to a human being than what we see and currently understand. This much larger ‘you’ is where all disharmony manifests and is subsequently translated into the tangible experience of physical ill-health. 


Illness is Like a Slinky Walking Down the Stairs of Frequency 


All so-called matter is energy vibrating within a specific band of low, dense frequencies. When this energy is viewed from the same frequential perspective, it births the concept of solidity and therefore provides the experience of physicality. In actuality, the lowest three frequency bands within the physical universe merge together to form what we call our three-dimensional world.


Simply put, a frequency is an assignation of energy. Energy exists within frequencies. Dimensions simply house frequencies and are units of measure like height, weight, and width. Our temporary human body exists within and is attuned to the first three frequency bands of the first full dimension, thus affording us the experience of physicality – but is our higher consciousness that is part of and attuned to much higher frequencies that is the true architect of our form and the chemist of our biology. 


Once a misperception, misunderstanding, and misidentification gets embedded within our body of energy due to our own lack of clarity and detachment, the seeds of disharmony have been sown. These free radicals or mis-programming typically get assimilated in the form of belief – in anything. When we don’t tangibly know ourselves, we believe. Our lack of gnosis or self-knowledge is why we mistakenly accept and misidentify ourselves with mental projections. A belief, by metaphysical definition, is anything whose landing spot lies outside of the immortal and complete self within us all such as ‘I believe in Source/God out there.’ Source/God is within your consciousness not outside of it. 


Beliefs – or more accurately any misidentification to something outside of the immortal Self including so-called knowledge, ideologies, concepts, and roles create a pattern of energy that is contrary to our self-sustaining, self-regulated, natural flow of energy. Once this disharmonious pattern has affected your energy field, you will eventually have the tangible experience of this mis-programming. We call this pain, sickness, illness, and disease. These misperceptions, misunderstandings, and misidentifications – the trifecta of disharmony – do not originate within your physical body but rather within your larger body of energy. Quite often, it originates in the mental or emotional body. If a misidentification is severe enough, it will ultimately affect the architecture of your form and the chemistry of your biology. This is how all illness is born.            


Your Real Immune System Is the Purity and Harmony of Your Entire Multi-frequential Body of Energy      


Our larger multi-frequential body of energy consists of the mental, emotional, astral, etheric, celestial, and ketheric. Some of these energies are actual templates that our physical form is translated from and some are more akin to bodies of energy existing within and around our templates, thus affecting and informing them. These higher frequencies are only and rarely perceived when one is in a heightened and expanded state of awareness. Essentially, in order to experience the limitless and the divine, one must be in a limitless and divine state. It is not necessary to consciously perceive these higher frequencies but we must deprogram and purify our entire body of energy for true healing to take place.  


It is these templates and bodies of energy that create, inform, and feed the structure, health, and functionality of your physical body. Being attuned to what you really are – the Self- is the key to eternal harmony, robust health, and tangible joy. These attributes are all aspects of the immortal Self, which exists prior to beliefs, concepts, ideologies, and even the body. The Self gives birth to these temporary creations but it is not what it creates. The painter is not the painting. 


The key to healing is the return to what is original to you – prior to beliefs, thoughts, emotions, actions, and even the body. In order to do this, one must deconstruct the false self or what I call the ego/mind/identity. Everything that the finite mind has created you must un-create. This activates your natural, harmonious, self-sustaining, and self-healing energetic state. This tangible understanding was the initial foundation upon which I created my Ascend The Frequencies Healing Technique in order to overcome permanent chest-down paralysis and severe ill health.  


How to Activate Your Invincible Immune System


Time does not heal all wounds as time does not authentically exist. Only the truth heals. The immortal Self is the only thing that endures, everything else comes and goes including this incarnation. The Self is the truth. Living as, for, by, and within the Self is the only path to actual healing and liberation from all suffering. The immortal Self is what you are. At our essence, we are the literal vibration of unconditional love and timeless wisdom. You don’t need to study, exert, or aspire to be what you already and eternally are. You begin to activate the most powerful and only true immune system by no longer pretending to be who and what you are not.


You are not the body, your thoughts, emotions, actions, beliefs, memories, knowledge, or your illness. You exist prior to all that. Cultivate this knowingness that already and always lies deep within yourself into your conscious state of being. You are what has created all of these temporary human experiences but you’re infinitely more than all of it. You are an immortal creator being. If you are reading this, it is time to un-create all that which no longer serves your highest purpose and the betterment of all, simultaneously. 


In order to have a human experience, you project your consciousness and energy into the lower frequencies that make up space/time. We are all time travellers in the truest sense. Let’s begin to return to what is original to you. Pretend that you just arrived here – no past and no future. All thoughts cease. With no thought, there is no story (beliefs, concepts, ideologies) you are telling yourself. Stay in this glorious present now. You will tangibly realize there is nothing to live up to or make amends for. Feel the undercurrent of joy within your heart. Feel the gratitude for simply being here right now. These simple metaphysics significantly raise your frequency and begin to purify your entire body of multi-frequential energy. Your real and invincible immune system is being activated by you simply by being the real you. Only the truth heals, my friends.  


I am your holy brother,




As a young child, RJ was actively exploring the unseen greater reality that lies beyond the limitations of the five senses and human intellect through his own naturally attuned heightened state of awareness. Over the last twenty-five years, he has deconstructed his higher-consciousness teachings and taught countless people what he has experienced and learned. This ‘wisdom that transcends knowledge’ has changed people’s lives in ways they never thought possible. Since his permanent chest-down paralysis in April of 2016, which RJ overcame in exactly one-hundred days precisely as he predicted he would using his Ascend The Frequencies Healing Technique, he has been counseling people across the globe on self-healing, self-realization, and meditation. 


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