Watkins Mind Body Spirit magazine is available directly from Watkins Bookshop in Central London and online.

UK stockists:

The magazine is distributed to the high street newsagents and WHSmith stores via Seymour Distribution. You can find the nearest store that carries Watkins Mind Body Spirit using this store locator.

Watkins MBS is also available at a growing network of independent holistic and ethical shops via INK Distribution (contact sales@inkdistribution.co.uk).

*If you’d like to see us at your local shop, please do ask the staff to order a copy for you. Most newsagents will order and reserve a copy of Kindred Spirit magazine for you under the Just Ask! retail initiative. And nothing convinces a place to carry a lovely magazine as well as a local’s request.


The mag is available at a growing list of countries via local distribution partners supplied by Seymour:

In the USA at WholeFoods and Barnes&Noble stores, plus in over 20 countries worldwide, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Italy,  Germany, Belgium, Greece, Austria, etc.


Watkins Mind Body Spirit is also available on digital platforms, simply download Watkins Mind Body Spirit magazine app for iPhone/iPad and you can order individual issues or subscribe digitally. Also available on: Google Play, Kindle, Kobo and Nook.