Our Salvation: The Power of Enlightenment

Global Sustainability Science student Rob Scholte shares three of the most important spiritual truths that humanity must recognise for salvation.

by Rob Scholte

We live in a difficult time, in which humanity is being confronted with a pandemic, an economic crisis and climate change all at the same time. Because of these and other world problems, many people are suffering. In order to solve the world problems, it is important that enough people become enlightened: through enlightenment, people can help to create a new Earth. In order to become enlightened it may help to know what are, in my view, the three most important spiritual truths are.

I consider the most important spiritual truth to be that all people are interconnected forms of consciousness. This is because our thoughts, emotions and desires are not parts of ourselves, but experiences of our true identity. When you accept this spiritual truth, you can awaken from a dream of experiences through consciously observing your experiences and the divine, underlying stillness between them. You can consciously observe through living in the present moment, through breathing consciously, through feeling your inner body consciously, through meditating and through following the powerful teachings of wise spiritual teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Mooji and Adyashanti.

The second most important spiritual truth is that most people identify themselves with their mind. This is because most people have, during their childhood, learned to identify themselves with fleeting forms such as their body, possessions, abilities, knowledge, beliefs, social status and conditioning. This is unnatural and often causes unconsciousness, because identification with the mind functions as a lens of thoughts about the past and the future that can influence the perception of the timeless present reality.

This can also cause psychological, social and societal issues. Identification with the mind often causes fear, anger, envy, low self-worth, depression, emotional dependency, psychological projection, judgement, emotional violence, competitiveness, greed and the destruction of nature. When you accept the spiritual truth of mind-identification, you can begin to instead identify yourself with your formless consciousness and become enlightened.

The third most important spiritual truth is that the most important values are consciousness, wisdom and discipline. This is because these values define who people truly are, what people should know and what people should do. When you accept this spiritual truth, you can use these values as a guide to enlightenment and to life in general.

The greatest obstacle to enlightenment is, in my view, the desire for power. This desire can keep people distracted from what truly matters in life, and in order to liberate yourself from it, it may help to accept that fulfilling this desire doesn’t lead to inner peace or true happiness. The only form of power you truly need is access to the Light of Consciousness within yourself. Becoming more and more conscious, peaceful and happy would be a beautiful enlightening process, with which you can help to create a new Earth. If enough people would contribute to this, humanity may be saved once and for all.

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Rob Scholte is a Global Sustainability Science student from the Netherlands. From the age of 14 he became more and more conscious of the widespread injustice within the world, which has motivated him to devote most of his free time to seeking a way to end this injustice. After initially studying and designing economic and political theories, he discovered that the ultimate answer can only be found within the realm of spirituality.

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