Introducing the Hay House Unlimited Audio App

Since its founding by renowned motivational speaker Louise Hay in 1984, Hay House has been one of the powerhouses of spiritual publishing, offering self-help, inspirational and transformational books and products.

Now, Hay House are offering a new way to experience thousands of hours worth of spiritual wisdom and inspiration from your own phone or tablet. Hay House Unlimited Audio is a brand new app which promises unlimited access to all Hay House Audio – that’s over 30,000 hours of audio books, ad-free meditations, audio courses, interviews, podcasts, immersive learning programmes and more. You can even download audio to listen to later offline, online, or any time you need a dose of wisdom.

The app will also include Hay House’s new Meditations Podcast, a twice-weekly podcast with one guided meditation and one interview with a meditation expert each week, exclusive to the app.

Here are some more details from Hay House:

This user-friendly app prides itself on simplifying your listening and streamlining your learning through: 

• Personalised suggestions so you engage with teachers that resonate with you. 

• Auto-sync between devices, meaning you can start your favourite podcast on your tablet while you brew your coffee and finish it on your commute to work. 

Downloadable audio that you can access offline. 

Exclusive new audio and content each week with no extra cost. 

If you’re interested in the Hay House Unlimited Audio app, you can sign up now with a 7-day free trial*. Just search ‘Hay House Unlimited Audio’ on your device’s app store and enjoy endless inspiration on spirituality, self-help, meditations, energy healing and affirmations.

* Regular pricing: £7.99/monthly, £48/annual

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