Exploring Nature As A Portal

by Fay Johnstone

When we reach out from our hearts to connect with the natural world around us a magical shift starts to happen. The misperception of separation falls away and we are drawn through a portal to a place of authentic connection, with both the nature that is outside of us and our own true nature that lies within. 

Yet the way we live today steals us away from this connection with a constant barrage of distraction and overwhelm. Communing with nature for most of us is not part of our daily schedule. The subtle language of the natural world that is constantly communicating is drowned out by a steady stream of distraction from our devices. Racing through life at this pace means that we miss out on the portal to this ancient connection, which can so often provide the support and inspiration that we need.

I invite you to feel your way through nature’s portal by finding a tree. Take yourself to a green space, maybe a park, a local woodland or even your back garden if you a lucky to have one. Here in this green space allow yourself to simply be. 

Avoid the temptation to take out your phone for company. You don’t need to be entertained by social media, open your senses to the natural world that surrounds you. Let your curiosity out to play. Feel the truth of the air on your skin, maybe it is cool and moist, maybe it is warm and comforting. Maybe it makes you long to be back inside! Allow yourself to be led to find a tree. 

Greet this tree as if it was the most learned teacher you had ever met. Observe how the tree grows, its shape and form. Explore the tree with your physical senses, you might want to reach out and touch the bark, rub the leaves and branches with your fingers. It might have a particular smell. Breathe with the tree. Allow yourself to simply be with the tree. 

Know that this tree is in perfect alignment with itself and the world. It never once questioned its path or purpose or considered growing into an ear of corn or a sunflower. It never once got triggered by another tree and became frightened to grow or bloom. This tree is fully present and is full time occupied with being a tree. This tree, like you is a conscious being, perfect and whole and like you is connected 24/7 to source energy. It’s part of the complex matrix of all beings that are all connected, as are you.  Spend as much time as you like being in that alignment, with that truth. Invite yourself to remember what it feels like to be connected, what it feels like to be part of a much greater whole. Open your heart to the truth of what that tree is and what it shows you that you are. Feel for what that tree can teach you about truth and what it reflects back to you.

When you feel ready, thank the tree. Notice what has shifted within you and how you feel. We experience life through our own unique filter and nature reflects back to us what we carry deep inside. Where did nature’s portal take you? 

Taking time to experience the interconnectedness of all things, helps put life in perspective. The portal created by nature creates a link with what is true and is a supportive ally for helping us understand the truth of who we are. Next time you feel uncertain, lost or lonely, take yourself to the trees, rekindle that ancient relationship, explore the portal and reconnect with the magnificent part of nature that you are born to be. 

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Fay Johnstone draws on her shamanic training and experiences with plants gained on her former flower and herb farm in Nova Scotia to assist personal transformation with the subtle whispers of nature. She offers workshops on plant spirit connection and shamanic treatments across the UK, online, and from her home near Edinburgh, Scotland.

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