Astrological Dynamics of the Universe: January 2021

by Demian Allan

The first quarter of 2021 will see a powerful surge of planetary energy that will feel like we are all beginning a new cycle in our lives – individually and collectively. Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus are all playing their part in contributing to this revolutionary energy that we are all about to experience.

As we look to the year, expect major changes in the food industry and education for young people, including schools and universities, or at least the seeds of ideas starting to generate in the media. This will set up the template for the year ahead: big social changes, including new subcultures, while building up a new solid foundation in an economic sense. This will lead to a different world view for many. The Aquarian themes of equality will dominate the news and political decisions in the West for 2021. 

January 2021 

As we begin the New Year some powerful astrological cycles start to manifest. The planets Jupiter and Saturn are still making a conjunction with each other, while Mars on the 6th moves into Taurus.

There is now a heavy influence of fixed zodiac signs dominating the astrological skies, which means governments are trying to lay new foundations with policies and ideologies. This is also signified by the planet Uranus moving forward in Taurus on the 14th, applying a square aspect with Jupiter.

During this period, major upheavals and political decisions are being made that contribute to changes in the way that society responds to past trauma. This is going to be an important turning point from a humanitarian perspective, moving from the erratic cardinal energy to the more solid fixed energy. 

Note: The astrological dynamics for February, March, and April will be published in the Winter edition of Watkins Mind Body Spirit magazine (issue 64), which will be out on January 12th.

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