Review – Chakra Healing Therapy by Glen Park

By Delcia McNeil

To have been asked to review Chakra Healing Therapy: Awaken Spiritual Energies and Heal Emotional Wounds (Destiny Books) by Glen Park has been a real pleasure and privilege. Having been introduced to the Chakra system in the early 1980s and fascinated by it ever since, I am always on the look-out for in-depth and well researched books on this topic.

A major concept that the Chakra system offers us is a model or map to describe the evolution of human consciousness. What Glen has been able to skilfully do is weave together contemporary personal, social and political concerns with an in-depth knowledge of the ancient theory of the Chakras.

The book itself is a joy to behold and literally to hold. It is beautifully produced and is presented with a layout and illustrations that make it a pleasure to read. Add that to the accessibility of Glen’s writing style and you have a treasure trove of information and ideas that you will want to go back to over and over again. With excellent references and a comprehensive index it gives us a resource that opens new possibilities for further research, reading, learning and experiencing. I particularly like how she avoids gender specific language.

Glen Park is an Alexander Technique teacher and Chakra Therapist. There is no doubt that she is highly experienced and her integration of these two areas of complementary therapies is unique and powerful. Her integrity and maturity is revealed throughout. The information for each of the seven major Chakras, plus those at the hands, feet and top of the brain stem, is skilfully broken down into sections that she describes as levels – physical, psychological, psychic and spiritual, plus cultural considerations. This final level brings her work completely up-to-date with present day concerns such as the climate crisis and the digital world. She then adds interesting case studies and various ways in which we can help heal and strengthen our own Chakras.

Each Chakra is presented as a world of its own and then she cleverly and sensitively shows us how the ‘lower conscious’ centres – the Base or Root, the Sacral and Solar Plexus – are paired with the ‘upper’ centres – the Throat, Eye and Crown. She, quite rightly in my opinion, lays great emphasis on the Heart Chakras as the gateway between our physical, earth-bound selves and our psychological, psychic and spiritual selves. I agree with her totally that the human race is struggling to move from Solar Plexus consciousness to the Heart – our survival and evolution is dependent upon this.

What puzzled me? There are just a few things that I questioned as I was reading this book – none of which take away the huge respect and admiration that I have for it. One is the area of developmental stages for each of the Chakras. Various contemporary writers on the Chakras, eg. Anodea Judith, Dr. Brenda Davies, Ruth White, Ambika Wauters (and there will be others that I am unaware of) do describe these age ranges differently – most especially the Solar Plexus and the Heart stages. Some make the Solar Plexus as young as 18 months to 4 years, others primary school age, and for Glen it is adolescence. I don’t think this needs to be a big problem because at the end of the day each Chakra holds all the others within it, but this is an issue that I think needs to be addressed in this relatively new field of Chakra Therapy.

My only other criticism, which might sound too picky or subjective, is what I feel is Glen’s over use of the exclamation mark. Although this can often be warming for the reader as it shows us some lightness and humour, there were rather a lot of them and I feel there is a risk of minimising some of the profound points she is making.

To conclude – this is an excellent book that can appeal to those new to the Chakras and to those who are wanting to deepen their pre-existing knowledge. I have already started recommending it to those I know in my own healing network who are interested in the Chakras. It is a must have and I truly hope that word of it will reach far and wide.

Find out more:

Glen Park is a healer, teacher, author, workshop leader and trainer, with over thirty years’ experience in the Alexander Technique and Chakra Healing Therapy. She has given talks and run workshops in Europe, USA and Canada, Australia and Japan, working with the general public, and with specialist groups such as actors and drama students, therapists and other body practitioners. Watch Glen Park speak to The Scientific and Medical Network about ‘The Chakras as a Developmental Map of the Psyche’. Click here to view.

Qualified Psychotherapist, Energy Healer & Artist, Delcia McNeil has forty years experience of working with the Chakras. As well as working with clients for psychotherapy & counselling, energy healing and chakra therapy on a one
to one basis, she facilitates personal and professional development Chakra Psychology, and Paint Your Art Out webinars on-line.  Delcia also supervises and mentors counsellors, professional healers, and complementary therapists. and

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