Exploring Experiencer Art

by Miguel Mendonça

In Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the people drawn to the climactic meeting expressed their connection with the phenomenon through art. They produced drawings, sculptures and paintings, and heard the five note melody. In the 45 years since the film was released, the connection between experiencers and art is still among the least explored aspects of the phenomenon. But increasingly I see paintings, illustrations and scripts that reflect contact experiences, and hear music and light language. And like those in the film, there is often a compulsion to make such art. Having gone through this personally, in glass work, sculpture and music, I decided to survey other experiencer artists to learn more about this realm. I asked them why they make this kind of art, what the experience is like, what level of agency they have, what they gain from the process, and how the art affects the audience. The interviewees are: Ruwan Paul de Silva, Robert Fullington, Geraldine Orozco, Belinda Sales, Peter Smith, Fay Vale and Dana Zaruba. 

On why he makes this type of art, Ruwan said, “To live in my truth and inspire others to live in theirs.”

Robert: “I started doing this kind of art to recreate extraordinary, somewhat unbelievable experiences. To help me preserve the memory. Maybe to help trigger the same memory in others. Also, because I think it’s just kind of cool.” 

Geraldine: “When I speak light language I am creating geometric structures. And when I paint it I am writing a frequency into the art I paint. People can feel this. I create this kind of art to fill a gap between the physical and non-physical through the sensory.”

Belinda’s painting

Belinda, Peter and Fay all described an urge, even a compulsion to create. Peter works  as a ‘consciousness facilitator’, and in one session had given his group some art materials to help them tap into other realms. Though he had never painted he found himself becoming drawn into the process. He said that, “It felt like I was painting the universe in a way that offered some kind of vibration, mixing into the paint.” 

Fay has been channeling art daily since 2007, producing over 2000 images to date. We collected a selection of her fantastical animals, beings and landscapes in the 2019 book E.T. As Artist. At her home I witnessed her process, and immediately noted that she was in an altered state, a light trance as though under hypnosis. She could witness and comment on it, as if she were watching someone else drawing. The art comes through in a range of styles, and she is aware that they come from different beings. She also gets wise messages with some images, such as, ‘Speak not the words of wrath, but the words of innocence and worth in all matters.’

She said, “It was a very long time before I realised that the method was channelling. I had no explanation for it. The only thing that I could think of was my UFO experiences as I have never been interested or had time to create art. It’s dumbfounding when this amazing phenomenon suddenly takes you over.”

Darlene: “This art comes to me as a request from the Multidimensional beings that work with me. I love creating so that is a plus, and I’m always fascinated by their appearance or desire to be manifested on canvas. The more we work together the more they become friends, and I develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for their lives, which are not so different from humans.”

In terms of the creative experience itself, the artists commonly describe an intuitive process, a guidance, moving through dots, lines, connections, color selection and blending. Some see the finished image before they start, and others work through in the flow state until they sense it is complete. Fay says, “I know when to stop, as if I try to carry on after the finished drawing, I find my brain kicks in and I am putting my own thoughts to the drawing. 

Belinda: “When I draw, I get completely absorbed within the image, like my eyes adjust to see even deeper. I love seeing what I create as I never know what it’s going to be. Even if I see the next line on paper, it transforms into something beautiful. I think about nothing else when I draw. I can clear my mind and clear the energy around me, so I have clear focus. If I feel a shift in energy, I know I must stop, as I need to keep the same flow running through each line.”

Dana: “I feel like I’ve stepped out of the way of myself, allowing the forms, colours and messages to

Dana’s painting

flow. I often feel quite sleepy initially, and this is usually a signal that a message is wanting to come through. I feel calm and anchored when I let it happen, but when I try to interject my own ideas, there is no doubt that I’m essentially shushed and told to be still. When I allow it, the process goes very smoothly. It’s quite lovely actually.”

Peter: “At times I felt a little absent from my body, definitely like something was coming through. I did have a sense of achievement afterwards, like I had helped to create something or build a window into another dimension. Sometimes I could see beings in the artwork and there was one that felt like the wrong beings had come through it. My friend looked at that piece, then fell on the stairs. I destroyed it, and became more discerning then.”

 The range of gains that the artists report is broad. Ruwan: “Joy. Clarity. Peace. Bliss. I’ve spent a lot of time outside of this connected state, experiencing the contrast. On the human personality level, when I’m in the process of flow, honouring my passion and joy, I relax into myself. I’m comfortable in my own skin. Whenever you enter this space it benefits more than the individual. All is woven in connection.”

In talking about representing his E.T. encounters through the art, Robert said, “Upon completion I feel a sense of relief, and accomplishment. Like a huge anxiety has been lifted. I sit and stare at it thinking, ‘Wow, I lived through that.’ It’s perfect, it’s done, time to move on to the next one. Time to show it off.” 

Geraldine shared a number of powerful benefits from the artistic process. “I believe we exercise a communion with the power of creation. A finished work of art is a sustained emotional expression that can be interpreted in thousands of ways. But the creator guides that perception gently through form, shape and color and there is a responsibility to that. We are speaking and communicating. This message can be to the service of the highest good or at least invite the viewer to expand their mind by experiencing the art. Art is healing and is a part of my energetic hygiene and life’s expression. Information and knowledge which I have cultivated myself to reach means that it can be shared, and to be able to do that is a divine and loving gift. I am honored by the opportunity to share this with others and ultimately it is an exchange of love. So what do I gain? I get to give and receive love. Love not as emotion but more as a creative life force.” 

Darlene’s painting

Belinda: “I gain ultimate peace and satisfaction almost like a release of energy that’s absorbed into the image. Like a part of me has cleared something from within only expressed with ink.” 

Fay: “I gain joy, intrigue, and ever-increasing knowledge of life beyond our human existence.”

Fay’s painting

Darlene: “I love the time spent in the co-creative process. Painting the Multidimensionals at times is stronger and more intimate than my connection with them during meditation. When I teach or channel they are present, and I can sense their support and they hold the space for the group. I gain respect, appreciation and gratitude for knowing other species as a part of our multidimensional experience. My life has expanded because of these beings and they have given a deeper understanding of life to the many clients who work with them.”

Dana said she gains “confidence in my ability to tap into an energy that is greater than myself. It feels delicious to paint and speak the language. I find it fun and interesting and wholly enjoyable. And I get to make pretty art.”

As much as the work is important for the artists themselves, they have a strong connection with those who view their art. Some create pieces expressly for clients, but in general they share them publicly.

Of the effect on the audience, Ruwan said: “Creating inspires others and the creations awaken the imagination and facilitate activations. The encryptions are beyond words. Manifest reality is made of sound, thought form, and energy, vibrating at different frequencies. An object can be imprinted with sound frequencies and these can interact with a person’s subconscious and energy field. Language influences thought form. Scripts can contain vast amounts of information but it’s not always necessary for the scripts to be visible. The mechanisms are there, vibrating at a higher dimensional frequency, currently beyond the visible spectrum for most of humanity.”

Robert: “The responses vary. Some are just blown away at the detail, the work alone, not being able to relate to that kind of experience. Maybe it triggers a want within them to experience something like that. On occasion some get creeped out, or get chills. My favorite response is from those that have gone through a similar experience. They get excited and yell, “I’ve seen the same thing!” It triggers the memory in them, as we share our common experiences. Nothing is better than that feeling, like maybe you helped that person through your work. For that I will keep on creating.” 

Geraldine: “There was a young man from India that was also on board a craft which I was on. He recognized me through the painting and then reached out. When we connected we recognized each other. These are powerful experiences. A person I had never met in person recognized the craft I was on with other children. These kinds of connections happen all the time and speak to how we have used art for centuries to document exceptional life events and different realms of possibility.”

Peter: “My take is that when people look at the art, they receive the frequencies they need to heal and/or grow. It’s like their helpers on the other side use it as a window from their dimension to send support. In short, I feel that the paintings act like portals.”

Fay: “Many connect with the drawings and see messages and all sorts of shapes in them. Lots of my drawings contain energies that others say shift their consciousness and really talk to them. When this happens, I somehow know that a message has been created for them personally by forces unknown. Also, as my art is very unusual, it creates a lot of questions as to its origin. The answer to that is somewhere beyond our human mind as it’s much more than visual.”

The artists are clear that something is coming through them, whether they can identify it or not. A guiding intelligence may in fact be another aspect of themselves. With this sense of co-creation comes a lesser or greater degree of agency in initiating and directing the art. Some say it’s all from the other(s), some say it’s 50/50, and some see it as simply recalling an event. The ability of the artists to share their experiences and reflections in images, sound or other forms, allows others access to the experiences, to the hidden or coded layers within, and it may inspire them to pick up a brush or instrument. Art can take us beyond the constraints of language, and into a more pure, direct contact with the experience, and what it may mean for us both individually and as a human family, as we go through our cosmic initiation. 


Miguel Mendonça is an author and musician. His books include Meet the Hybrids and Being with the Beings. He makes music as sokamiru and his latest album is Into Galactic. He features some of the artists above on his sokamiru YouTube channel.


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