The Magic of Unicorns

Diana Cooper explains the light, energy and blessings that unicorns can bring to our lives.

by Diana Cooper

Unicorns are very high frequency, pure white, illumined beings who can help us in so many ways, and they are coming into the planet in great waves of light now to do so.

I woke up one morning, totally clear that I was to write another book for them. Immediately, they started to upload new information in my mind.
The vibration on the planet has risen hugely in the ten years since I wrote The Wonder of Unicorns. At that time, unicorns could only touch those who had switched on the light of service over their heads. Now, they can wake up or connect with millions, and when they do so, they can heal, enlighten, transform and illuminate you. They can ease your challenges and accelerate your ascension path. Actually, these beings of the angelic realms can do anything for your highest good as long as you are ready. Unicorns are real beings who answer prayers.

Healing with Unicorns

Because their energy is so pure, unicorns can heal on many levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Their horn is made up of pure white light radiating from their third eye. It is a horn of enlightenment, but it is also a magic wand that offers healing or blessings if you ask for it and are ready to receive.

Many people are still stuck at the level of the inner child. This not only dampens their joy, it holds back their journey. Sometimes there is a backlog of family issues as well as ancestral karma to deal with. Your unicorn will come to you and help you clear these stagnant facets from your life. They gave me visualisations for the book that are extremely powerful and life-enhancing. As you call these illumined beings in and read or deeply experience these special journeys, they dissolve the emotional entanglements and set you free. Unicorns are ready to lighten your load.

How Unicorns co-operate with Archangels to Illuminate you

While unicorns work with all Archangels, there are five in particular with whom they co-operate to raise your frequency and transform your life: Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Christiel. The materialised light of Archangel Gabriel is the diamond which holds the energy of purity, joy, clarity and everlasting promise. His cosmic diamond is a vastly potent ninth-dimensional etheric jewel. While I was writing The Magic of Unicorns, they guided me to enter his cosmic diamond in meditation so that I could clearly feel the facets cutting away lower energies within my body and fields. Then, my unicorn touched the etheric jewel with his horn of grace and I literally felt as if I was exploding with the blazing light that was switched on. I knew it was recalibrating and recharging me totally. For me, it was an incredibly powerful experience.

In the same way, the materialised light of Archangel Michael is the sapphire which holds the energy of higher communication, truth, integrity, honesty and divine connection. His cosmic sapphire holds those qualities enhanced, and when a unicorn illuminates it with ninth dimensional light, your life changes.

Archangel Raphael’s cosmic emerald is the palest, translucent, shimmering white-green. When it surrounds you, you are bathed in healing, enlightenment, abundance consciousness and other divine energies. Then as a unicorn touches it, miracles can happen.

Archangel Uriel forms a cosmic ruby in the universe where you can access peace and wisdom. Lit by unicorn energy, it can transform your life.
Archangel Christiel looks after the Stargate of Lyra through which many unicorns enter this universe. He is the Angel of Peace, carrying Christ light, and his vast etheric pearl glows with love, caring, beauty, creativity and inner happiness and other. When the unicorns add their energy to the cosmic pearl, they enhance these beautiful energies within you.
These etheric cosmic gems illuminated by unicorns work deeply on you. You can also send them to people, places and situations in the world that need those qualities so that the Archangels and unicorns co-operate to light them up with pure magic. When unicorns and Archangels work together, expect miracles.

Unicorns in Dreams

When a unicorn enters your dream you are truly blessed. One of the stories I share in The Magic of Unicorns is about a child who was being bullied at school. She was deeply unhappy and would cry when she came home. Her parents talked to the school and to the parents of the bully, but nothing changed. One night, when the child was reaching the end of her tether, she had a dream about a unicorn and woke up incredibly happy.

She told her mother, ‘I had a wonderful dream! A beautiful white unicorn came to me, and I got on it, and we flew together, saving the world. Then we came back and we hugged, and then the unicorn left.’

From that moment, everything at school started to change. The unicorn had clearly touched her at a soul level, for she became stronger and more confident. She felt protected and the bullying stopped. When a unicorn comes to you in a dream, it touches you at a soul level and changes your life.

Unicorn Blessings

A blessing is an act of grace that you bestow on another by sending them heartfelt love, light and the qualities that they need. To offer a unicorn blessing, first you must invoke them, then you ask them to touch someone with whatever energy they need, and picture that person receiving it.
If you see a very sad person, you ask the unicorns to bless them with happiness. Then you envision them happy. If you meet a lonely person, you ask the unicorns to touch their heart and bless them with friendships. Then you picture them holding hands with friends.

Sending unicorn blessings is a wonderful act of service. You can be anywhere, sitting at home, walking to the shops or taking a break at work.
I had just started to write The Magic of Unicorns when I was asked to visit a severely disabled teenage girl in a wheelchair. She was in touch with angels and had recently been very excited to see a unicorn. Although she could not talk, she could communicate by indicating letters or pictures on a screen. This was her only way of conveying her thoughts and needs. We sat together for hours conversing laboriously in this way, and I realised what a special soul she was. When she expressed that her greatest desire was to serve others, I explained to her about unicorn blessings. She literally radiated joy and delight as she realised sending unicorn blessings was something she could do to help people. I left feeling humbled, yet elevated.
Your unicorn connects to you when you wish to use your life to serve others.

Unicorns are here on Earth now because we are ready for them. If you want to meet them, think about them, talk of them and call them in. Then trust that a unicorn is with you. Unicorns awaken an energy within you that allows you to reconnect with your soul.

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Diana Cooper’s spiritual journey started many years ago with an angelic visitation. Later, the angels asked her to tell people about them. She has written more than 30 books translated into 28 languages, and has travelled world wide sharing information from angels, unicorns, dragons and Illumined Ones. She teaches regular online courses. The Diana Cooper School of White Light is a not-for-profit organisation that offers spiritual teaching courses throughout the world.


The Magic of Unicorns: Help and Healing from the Heavenly Realms by Diana Cooper, published by Hay House UK, RRP £12.99

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