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The Healing Power of Life Alignment


by Philippa Lubbock   

This article first appeared in Watkins Mind Body Spirit, issue 51.

Life is change. Nothing is inherently fixed. We know this, yet when our situation fails to improve, we look outward for the remedy. However, the solution is not ‘out there’. Everything we need to heal, or change is – and always has been – within. So how can we turn inward to find what we seek? The life of a tree reminds us where to look.

When you look at a tree, what you know is what you can see above ground. If the leaves are shrivelled, no amount of water or fertiliser will improve the tree’s poor condition if the roots – below ground – are weak from disease. Heal the roots and the tree will flourish as it is designed to do. So it is with us humans. The root cause of our problem lies hidden, underground in our subconscious ‘library’. Since conscious mind cannot retrieve data from our library, how can we gain access to subconscious mind that harbours resistance to change? We need directions.

In l997, a remarkable man began to bring us detailed instructions for finding the root cause, our habitual pattern, and raising it to conscious awareness, where we can process and release it. While sitting in a deeply meditative state over several days, Jeff Levin connected to a ‘team’ of light Beings, who had chosen this master healer, channel and luminous presence to be their conduit. Spanning a 23-year period, these spiritual masters have transmitted through Jeff’s conscious mind a vast body of wisdom that he has developed into Life Alignment – a vibrational healing method available to all who want to heal more swiftly and live more consciously. How to find answers within, is their gift to us.

Change can be frustratingly slow or elusive, because – as Einstein pointed out – no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. As the foundation stone of Life Alignment, this truth shifts our focus from symptom (physical plane), to root cause (non-physical mental, emotional, spiritual planes). By working solely at the source of a problem, transformation can happen often instantly.

Every one of us has unlimited power to change our inner world – and thus the outer world. By harnessing the colossal power of the human mind, we can change the disturbing elements of our story. Changing your view changes everything: your health, your life’s direction, and how you interpret and respond to the world out there. How does this happen? Thoughts and emotions are vibrations held in our cells. Using energy we can alter the vibrational frequency of a memory, and thereby release pain and trauma. Changing our perception changes body chemistry. Where mind goes, biology follows.

To heal more swiftly, we must ask the only one who knows how. You are the only being on the planet who knows every breath you’ve ever breathed, every thought, sight, feeling, taste, or touch, stored in your vast subconscious warehouse; you know which threads in your story carry the vibrational frequencies of joy or sorrow; which wounds and negative beliefs still cause waves of pain, disappointment, even despair. Only our super-conscious level of mind, or higher Self, can access the contents of our subconscious, and so by using applied kinesiology, or muscle testing, we can discover and release negative patterns from early childhood that continue to sabotage us in adulthood.

We are one human family. We live in a world that is intrinsically kind and generous, yet also riven by conflict and suffering. Time is short. We cannot wait. Only through our personal healing can we change the world. This new book has given me the joy and space to delve into the spiritual essence of Life Alignment. Drawing on cell biology, neuroscience and ancient wisdom, the latest developments of this revolutionary healing technique are outlined and illustrated with true stories of people across the world whose lives changed profoundly and more rapidly through finding and releasing the hidden ‘roadblocks’.

In choosing to receive (and to give) the healing power of Life Alignment, we come into coherence with our inner (soul) purpose, to develop kindness and compassion, that is the foundation for fulfilling our outer purpose to live in peace with our Self, all living things and our planetary home.

Meet the author: Philippa Lubbock is a Life Alignment practitioner who entered the field of energy medicine via a winding path through classical music, theatre, early education, bodywork and psychology. Her years as a Gestalt psychotherapist provided first-hand evidence of the mind as the source of “dis-ease”. This fuelled her passion to search for – and find – this healing method that dissolves the boundaries between mind, body, spirit and the environment. She is the author of Life Alignment.
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