51, Autumn 2017 – Watkins Mind Body Spirit


Autumn 2017, issue 51

Every issue presents the most anticipated book releases and articles by the world-renowned MBS authors. Published quarterly by Watkins Books in London, the magazine, like the famous bookshop, aims to cover all esoteric ideas and spiritual paths from A to Z.

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  • The Hidden School by Dan Millman
  • The Art of Living by Thich Nhat Hanh   
  • What is Spritual Enlightenment? by Enza Vita
  • The Five Longings by David Richo
  • Talking about Gurdjieff by Tobias Churton
  • The New Faithscape of Britain by Alex Klaushofer


  • The Power of Life Alignment by Philippa Lubbock
  • Rediscovering Jesus by James Hughes Reho
  • Why We Love Music by John Powell
  • Trance Dancing with the Jinn by Yasmin Henkesh
  • Soul Awakening by James O’Dea
  • On Emotional Challenges by Sheila Chandra