The Astrological Dynamics of the Universe

by Demian Allan

June – August 2018

The next three months reveal a reflective but combustible planetary energy where most of us could feel that things could get out of control quite quickly. However, this is a general feeling rather than an actual event that is seemingly always in the background of news, culture and economic forecasts. This is provided by an ongoing square aspect over the summer between Mars and Jupiter, two planets that are fiery by nature and want to just get on with the job at hand. But for all the creative sparks, we have Mercury retrograde in July and August holding Mars and Jupiter accountable for any lacklustre approaches to society’s problems. The asteroid Chiron now in Aries also goes retrograde from July 5th onwards, a fitting reminder of the cost of making impulsive decisions that have a deep effect on the lives of civilians. This will be brought into focus as we enter back into the eclipse season, a Solar Eclipse on 13th July at 20 degrees in Cancer and on 27th July a total Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees in Aquarius. These eclipses link up with the powerful Sun and Moon cycles that occurred in late January and mid-February, particularly if you have a strong amount of personal planets in Leo or Aquarius.


After the high frequency of May, June may well feel like a holiday. However there is enough astrological energy to keep us all occupied. Mars is travelling in Aquarius and goes retrograde on the 27th in the first decan of the zodiac sign. This forms a square aspect with Jupiter which is also retrograde in Scorpio; powerful ideologies start to manifest in governments. This is intensified by Uranus transiting in Taurus and with Venus entering Leo on the 14th we have a grand square in the fixed signs, an immovable force. We have a Full Moon on the 28thmaking a conjunction with Saturn at 6 degrees in Capricorn: ‘a heart pierced by a nail’. It is in the degree of ‘loftiness’. This powerful symbolism is reflective of the changing times and economic instability that is caused by the ongoing transit of Pluto in the zodiac sign of Capricorn.


The first major astrological feature for this month is the retrograde of Mars in Aquarius; the God of War operates on a lateral level, but can also be dogmatic in energy causing disruption, especially in air travel. Towards the end of the month we have Mercury retrograde in Leo, a strong indicator of new policies being brought forward in regard to children and education. On the 13th there is a partial Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees in Cancer, this is in the degree of ‘service’; the description is of ‘a man dressed as a groom, riding upon a spirited horse’. The good news is that the planet Jupiter that has been going backwards in the sky since March goes direct on the 11th in Scorpio. This combination with Mars Squaring Jupiter is going to bring up some major changes in political thinking, especially in regard to disagreements with other countries.


We kick off the month with the planets, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron all retrograde. The one consolation is Venus, which is transiting Libra, the sign it rules, from the 7th. On the 11th there is a partial Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees in Leo: ‘A bright mirror in which the sun’s rays are reflected’. This is a dangerous combination that alludes to illusions and grandeur. This is intensified by Mars being in the opposite sign of the royal sign of Leo and the fixed star Regulus. However, on the 28th, Mars, which has moved briefly back into Capricorn, begins to move forward, which should bring a sense of balance and less emotional confusion. How politicians deal with this energy is going to be interesting and revealing – whenever there is Mars planetary movement, secrets are not so secret anymore.

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