The Astrological Dynamics of the Universe


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Astrologer Demian Allan invites you to pay attention at the dynamics of the universe as the spring comes.

June – August 2016
The energy of Summer comes into full force as we enter the Summer Solstice on the 20th of June, the longest day and from an astrological perspective, the first day of summer. June is a month when we have four planets going retrograde: Mars, Saturn, Neptune (from the 14th) and Pluto. The karmic shift that is occurring is one of explosive cycles in terms of who is really making the decisions and who benefits in the world order. As we enter July, Mars moves forward in Scorpio creating a need to change direction, especially in regards to the USA politically, as Mars moves in mysterious ways in their 12th house, the placement of self undoing. August demands a new start for the USA as Mars ingresses into their ascendant sign of Sagittarius. For the UK, Pluto’s continual retrograde in Capricorn raises major identity issues that cause knee jerk reactions in the political arena.

On the 20th the Full Moon is at 29 degrees in Sagittarius, ‘a dissecting room, where are a number of medical men engaged in a post mortem examination’. The symbolic meaning may have to do with some major news that needs the West to be objective and rational in its response. We also have a Gemini New Moon on the 5th increasing our awareness of connectivity. The biggest test is Mars deep in the underworld in Scorpio, and going retrograde; this combination always seems to bring up painful lessons from the past actions of political leaders and parties. On the 13th, Mercury enters its ruling sign of Gemini; the twins will need all their adaptability to withstand the onslaught of Mars, especially towards the end of the month when the two planets are inconjunct each other.

This will feel like an action-packed month, as the Sun travels in the emotional sign of Cancer, connecting with Mars in volatile Scorpio in the middle of the month. This will be especially clear on the 4th with the New Moon at 12 degrees in Cancer, ‘a dagger lying beside a skull’, as it is the degree of ‘undoing’. The question is, what do we all as humans need to undo? We live in a world where the family structure is being torn down, creating isolation and unbalances in communities. This is a major theme of the zodiac sign of Cancer and its need to nurture. Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron all remain retrograde this month, and as the summer heat beats down on us all it may feel that we are repeating old patterns. As we hurtle towards the end of the month, Venus is in Leo, while Mercury enters Virgo on the 31st and a little bit of logical clarity becomes a mantra for governmental institutions.

The New Moon in Leo on the 2nd indicates the flavour of the month – and there is a burst of fiery energy as Mars moves into Sagittarius, giving a lighter humorous touch to proceedings. This should be especially prevalent in diplomatic relations between countries. On the 18th the Full Moon is at 25 degrees in Aquarius, ‘a dark face wearing an expression of fierce anger, and across the forehead a red band of blood’. This Full Moon is in the degree of ‘malice’ a strong indicator of tempers getting out of control especially in regard to enemies from the past.

Demian Allan

Demian Allan

This is a time to clear the air but also to realise the need for compromise at a time when political parties will be trying to make us all aware of the importance of a strong economy.


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