Seeing the Light

by Nick Kitchen


With the world going through much turmoil at the moment it would be expected that the vibrations of our Earth would not be as high as it should be. It would be a foregone conclusion that the whole of life on our Earth would also be under vibrating barring a few isolated life forces.

We can see this visually in people and vocally as many of them struggle to cope with their general day to day living. Every bad news story that comes out in the media has an impact on a person’s vibration when they read it or hear or see it. This also has an effect on the vibrations of our Earth, just as positive thought can raise the vibration level of our planet.

It would certainly make sense to try to raise ourselves from the lower frequency messages that we are being subjected to and focus on the good things that make us happy and make others happy too. This is important for the whole of our Earth. 

We, as a group of individuals, are working to do this. Light-work and natural healing in our communities is something that we, as members of the Community Light Brigade, dedicate ourselves to.

The Community Light Brigade is comprised of individual members of the Community Assembly of the British Isles (CABI) and is linked to our Community Health Initiative (CHI).

We are a team of heart-centred beings with very high spiritual frequencies who are dedicated to balancing the energies of the Earth, and helping people to raise their own frequencies in order to access the higher dimensions.

The Aborigines call members of the Light Brigade the ‘Wayshowers’ as they act as beacons of light to show the way towards further spiritual development.

The work of the Light Brigade mainly falls into two areas, one being purely spiritual in terms of balancing and raising frequencies, the other more practical in terms of guiding people towards better physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health, freedom from toxins and pharmaceuticals, eating healthy food, exercising and so on. 

The idea is that by raising the spiritual frequencies of all human beings, our mental, emotional and physical frequencies will naturally increase. This can only go so far before individuals themselves need to work on their own self development. Being careful never to interfere with anyone’s free will, we can make a difference in terms of helping people to understand the power of their spirituality and how to use it to good effect.

This comes in the form of gentle guidance, support and perhaps even therapy or treatment with members of the Light Brigade who are natural therapists and healers. The best way for us all to raise our frequencies is through service to others and to each other.

We are building a collection of information, guidance and natural healing treatments as part of our Community Health Initiative (CHI) which you can find on our website. Members of the Community Light Brigade get together frequently either remotely or face-to-face so that they can bring together their abilities to draw on the Source and put out their combined intentions. 

This is a powerful way to deliver messages to the people of planet Earth. This is never about trying to undermine free will but to show the way for anyone who wants to move forward and upward. 

The number of high frequency beings on planet Earth is increasing daily and one of our responsibilities is to measure those frequencies and monitor progress. We are able to ascertain that people with high frequencies affect those around them in a positive way. It is the same with the Light Brigade as they have even higher frequencies and this has a profound effect on millions of people around the world and on planet Earth itself. 

This is why playing an active part in working with the Light Brigade, your local Community Assembly and/or Community Assembly Hub is an excellent way to achieve this. 

By visiting the CABI website you can find out more about the Community Light Brigade and all our projects and initiatives such as the Community Health Initiative, Community Peace Service, Community Health Directory and the network of local and Regional Community Assemblies in the British Isles and also the Assemblies of the World (AOW).

If you would like more information on anything here please get in touch or visit our website. 



NICK KITCHEN hails from Lincolnshire on the east coast of Britain and has lived there all his life. During his teenage years, he joined the spiritualist church and learned about the world beyond our physical perception. Through the teachings of Gururaj Ananda Yogi he learned meditation and was brought to a greater understanding of himself and the world. He now teaches meditation and spiritual practices to others. Recently he learnt to cleanse and activate the pineal gland which had a huge, measurable effect on him. He now performs this service for others either personally or as part of his work as a member of the Light Brigade.

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