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The Evolution in Music

by Padma Aon Prakasha

How does science and emotion, technology and wellbeing, come together? What is the next step for an enlightened use of digital technology? Merging the science of psycho-acoustics with the wisdom of cultures that have used sound over the millenia is the answer! Indian Nada Yoga and Hebrew sound science are the two most developed cultures in the world that understand how vibration and frequency create the universe. They share astonishing parallels in how this actually works in practice.

Nada Yoga is the Yoga of Sound, or Union/Connection with Sound. Nada Yoga presents a unified theory on creation, stating that everything is composed of sound-frequency and vibration, and you can unify with any part of creation by becoming the frequency that is being presented. All sound that is included in Nada Yoga, from the car passing by to the whirling sound of the washing machine: all sounds become part of meditation. Nothing is excluded, everything is included.

This is the symphony of life, a soup of frequencies dancing together in harmony, a harmony we come to know when we accept and embrace what is happening right now. In this inclusion, meditation becomes integrated into daily life. You do not need a cushion, a quiet space or cave to meditate deeply: every sound becomes part of meditation.

The Hebrew tradition understands that all sound is number and that numbers underlie the structures of the universe; music is moving geometry, and art is sound ‘frozen’ into one moment in time. In the Aramaic and Syriac traditions, breath and sound unite in powerfully ecstatic ‘body prayer,’ where we lose our sense of self to enter this universal symphony.

Psycho-acoustic science measures the frequencies at which objects vibrate. Water molecules have a certain frequency, as does the earth, the stars and the organs in our body.

By listening to, sounding and entraining ourselves with these frequencies, we can bring consciousness and mindfulness back to our bodies, to enjoy and inhabit a full body spirituality. This is so essential in the digital age, where we can easily become polarized in the mind.

In The Soul’s Birth album, Sanskrit and Hebrew sounds are held within an infrastructure of psycho-acoustic sonic scaffolding designed to relax your mind and nervous system and uplift your soul. Spherical mixing technology and the ability to layer 40 tones or more together to create a single wall of sound allows a new experience of vibration to be had.

Yet science is only the half of it. Bhava, or the beauty of our emotions, brings us into the essence or juice of creating. Scientifically and emotionally designing music to inspire, move and elevate can help bring you into the next octave of your expression, depth and creativity. Technique and emotion, science and beauty, craft and spontaneity unite to create living art, providing subliminal vibrational guidance into accessing higher potentials and new possibilities.

This music opens doors into creating a project, a child, an art piece, a novel or article, a Vision Quest, shamanic journeying, dream-work and meditation. This is the future of music, uniting the best of our past with tomorrow’s technology.

One example of this emerging zeitgeist is The Soul’s Birth album. It creates vibrational handrails or reference points in the body, emotions and mind to guide the different stages of a heart-centred creative process, through the stages of birth: gestation, incubation and manifestation.

This shamanic and angelic vibratory consciousness helps return you into womb space: your origin and a safe space for relaxation, primal meditation and deep rest into your essence.

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Padma Aon Prakasha is a wisdom author, vibrational musician and sacred site facilitator bringing together ancient wisdom and modern science.

Padma’s books and his music and multimedia are drawn from the sacred traditions has has been initiated into. Padma translates the art and science of vibration to create immersions that are moving and alchemical.



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