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The Advent of 5G: 7 Evolutionary Solutions

by Padma Aon Prakasha

This is the second of a 2-part feature written by Padme Aon Prakasha. Click here to read Part 1.



Nature and Water: Ground onto Gaia

Be in nature more. 5G transmitters will not be as close to you and you will be much less affected by their signals. Satellite 5G signals may still affect you; stay close to trees as they block the signals. Walk barefoot on Gaia every day, and lie down on Gaia to earth your body and electromagnetic fields. Stay closely connected to Gaia. Connect to Gaia’s Crystal Core in meditation so you are more deeply grounded and connected.

Regularly be near strong running sources of water, walk by the ocean to receive anti-oxidants, bathe in oceans, streams and lakes to cleanse the cells, body and electromagnetic fields.

Switch off your devices and unplug routers when not in use. Keep windows open (including those in cars) as this helps to counter the impact of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) streaming from digital devices.


Natural Substances and Crystalline Shielding

Crystals such as black tourmaline, shungite and obsidian can all help to protect against EMF if worn, drunk, or chunks placed with intention around your home and roof.


Vibrational Medicine and Frequency Attunement

The right frequencies of sound and vibrational medicine, sound healing music and sound healing instruments will help counteract EMF emissions. Use chants, mantras and songs from sacred languages as an organic vibrational medicine balm, raising your vibration, tuning you into a higher frequency beyond the reach of EMFs.


External Frequency Devices

External frequency devices can help counteract the effects of EMR and EMFs. A few options include:

o The Calm Space Pro by Simon Fox;
o The NFS8  by Dieter Broers: a pendant worn close to the thymus, which acts as a natural field simulator ;
o The MRET Water System  by  Igor Smirnov: a molecular resonance effect technology water system and effective anti-EMF/EMR hydration system;
o Smart Phone Cellguard  by  GIA Wellness: a noticeable difference is experienced when holding a smartphone with a cellguard case;
o Smart Meter Defender 

Thank you to Nicolya Christi for researching these protective technologies.


Raise Your Own Frequency on All Levels

This is the most potent form of protection against anything: raising your own frequency above and beyond the frequencies being beamed to you. To do this you will have to embody yourself more – that is, connect your spirit and soul more with your body. To help this process, clear out your physical body through colonics, liver flushes, detoxing heavy metals and so on. Face, embrace and release your emotional traumas, fears, unworthiness, guilt, shame and other deep set emotions.

Ancestral and family healing will help raise your genetic frequency considerably, opening up your body and DNA. It is important to release shocks and electrical charges from your nervous system and organs with their associated mental beliefs. Do some sexual healing in a heart-centred expression of this most life-affirming, body-connected, life-giving energy that we have. Meditate regularly and do breathing practices.

The Evolutionary Impulse

The Age of Aquarius, the age of technology, electricity and communication is predicted to start in 2020: when 5G rolls out worldwide. Coincidence? Synchronicity? Is 5G a vehicle for this? Is this a time of crisis or rapid evolution? Can we use this force to catalyse our own evolution in unknown ways? Only time will tell.


Catalyse New External Solutions

With all of this in mind, we may be forced to catalyse new external solutions and technologies to deal with the ecological emergency and health effects of 5G, AI and the like. These solutions will most likely come from the millenials, who grew up with technology and have adapted to it. Their ability to navigate, code and use technology is fast, efficient and intuitive. Thus, it is this generation who may come up with the technology to counterbalance any destructive effects of 5G, AI etc.

As in times of war, we are forced to innovate, and innovate fast. Time and resources, focus and necessity, has to be put on this. Humanity is capable of doing anything, and coming together in cross disciplinary teams will be the way to handle this emergence.

And there is much more to come. We will come up with an even greater holographic technology based on our own inner organic technology and our latent abilities to work with the four modes of sound-vibration, which is what many people have already done in our indigenous and sacred traditions. Our abilities to heal and grow using vibration has been proved to work far faster and
more efficiently than external technology can do, as Dr Bruce Lipton and others have shown.

As in the Matrix movies, where a group of human beings use technology to hack into the virtual reality, perhaps we can use technology to hack and decode the vast amounts of information that constitute our holographic world. Perhaps the means for this decoding lie within us, in our junk DNA and 90% of our brains we cannot access.

Here lies the greatest technology in the universe, our own quantum computing capacity far beyond any external device that could ever be made. Perhaps the right use of vibratory technologies to unlock these capacities can nurture a more humane and compassionate society which will benefit all of us.

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Padma Aon Prakasha is a wisdom author and vibrational music producer with 6 books published worldwide. He merges yoga wisdom with new science and technology to give you transformative experiences of The Power of Sound and the science of vibration.






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