All talks are free and take place at Watkins bookshop, 19 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ. You can catch up on all the recent Watkins talks by spiritual authors on our youtube channel.

Here’s a list of upcoming talks. You can catch up with videos if you missed any previous events, and check our blog for more information about upcoming talks.

This month’s talks

FEBRUARY 28, Thursday 6.30-7.30, Irene Lauretti, Feeling Great with the Moon 
You can find the key to well-being, total health and eternal youth by using the cosmic energies activated by the moon! Based on ancient Japanese energy healing wisdom, Irene Lauretti’s book ‘Feeling Great with the Moon’ combines the Eastern and Western element systems using the moon, revealing the energy flows of the body. Find out who you really are in this world – or rather, how you become what you are – and what the Moon has to do with how you present yourself and perceive your reality at this free talk at the Watkins bookshop this February.  

Next month’s talks

MARCH 21, Thursday 6.30-7.30, Christopher J. Smith, Secret Self

MARCH 28, Thursday 6.30-7.30, Cilla Conway, Intuitive Tarot


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