“The Zen of Alice” author talk and book signing this month

“A fresh heartfelt book. Wonderland is down to earth, often fummy, insightful, and unique. Daniel Silberberg explores what contemporary Zen can be while remaining true to the fundamentals and essence of the teaching. Highly recommended.” Genpo Merzel Roshi.
The Zen of Alice book signing at Watkins bookshop London

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Hang on, for you’re headed down the rabbit hole…An original take on Alice in Wonderland, Daniel Silberberg aka Doen Sensei uses Lewis Carroll’s story as a jumping off point to convey the Zen concept of “one mind”. Using a lively mix of tone, quotation, and levels of discourse, he references everything from Detroit to the Diamond Sutra to Kill Bill and ketchup, creating a funny, thoughtful, and irreverent contribution to contemporary American Zen that honours its historic roots while striking out into fresh areas. With stories from his own life as well as from the larger cultural swirl around him, Silberberg reflects on the differences between how we perceive the world and the way it actually is. He offers important ideas on how to live fully and happily in the Wonderland we’re all already in.

We are delighted to hold our first event of 2011 and host the talk and book signing with Doen Sensei on January, 29, from 17.30 to 19.00. Watkins Books is London’s oldest esoteric bookshop located in the heart of London for over a century. In case you haven’t been over yet, here’s how to find us.

Wonderland: The Zen of Alice for sale at Watkins

Wonderland: The Zen of Alice, available from Watkins

Wonderland: The Zen of Alice

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