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Young Persons School and Magic and Mystery

Have you ever wished upon a star? Or crossed your fingers? Have you ever knocked on wood? Wondered if your thoughts made something happen? Have you ever wondered if magic is real? We invite you to enter the young person’s school of magic and mystery. Here you can learn what every magician, priest, priestess, shaman, witch and wise one thoughout history had to lear! The Young Person’s School of Magic and Mystery is the first ever series of books created to meet the unique learning needs of the new seeker (young and old) and it is written for ages 12 and above, young mystics can now explore magic worlds safely, successfully and with great wonder!

Magic Of Believing: Young Persons School and Magic and Mystery, Volume I9781888767438
In Volume 1 you will understand  the power of imagination and belief and develop your psychic abilities if you wish! What is Magic?  How does it work?  How can I make my wishes come true?  How can I develop my magical abilities? How can I awaken my psychic powers? How can I find lost things? How can I create a magical life? The world is a place of great mystery and magic, and no group of people is more aware of this than our young people. They know that the rustling of the leaves is a whisper and that wishing upon a star has power.

9781888767407Psychic Power: Young Persons School of Magic and Mystery, Volume II The Young While many of us as children had to ignore, fear or hide our special experiences, today’s young people can now embrace and understand these happenings. Their experiences can be invitations to a life of great magic and wonder. When we say ‘maybe’ instead of ‘impossible’, the psychic part of us comes alive. Unfold your ability to sense and perceive beyond what you imagined.9781888767384

Explore the wonder and the worlds of dreams, open yourself to understanding your night dreams, day dreams and even your nightmares, discover the wonder of the night and much more in Dreamtime Magic: Young Persons School of Magic and Mystery, Volume III.
9781888767445Uncover the mystery and magic of the heavens and embark on a journey to become a starwalker in the Native American tradition. In Star Magic: Young Persons School of Magic and Mystery, Volume IV the young seeker will learn how to become a Star Shaman. Learn to read the night sky and create a star body. Collect and use sacred star objects and the sacred star bundle. Connect with star spirits and walk the Milky Way.9781888767414
In Spirits Ghosts & Guardians: Young Persons School of Magic & Mystery, Volume V explore the hidden world and discover the truth of things that go bump in the night. Learn the truth of the spirit world and how to find their own spirit helpers, to call upon the angels and experience a touch of faerie magic. Discover your spirit animal guides and guardians and send loving messages to those who have died.

9781888767421Nothing fires the imagination more than the possibility of faeries elves and other fantastic creatures. There is still a place where enchantment lives, where winds whisper and every flower has its tale, a place where unicorns dance in the morning dew.  In Faerie Charms: Young Persons Guide to Magic and Mystery, Volume 6  you will learn about the wondrous reality of the faerie realm and the best places and times to encounter faerie folk.

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