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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ometimes into our journey of life we come to a point that we ask our selves who am I ? Why is this happening ? Why always me ? Where am I going ? We just get lost and just follow the current of society and become like robots moving from one phase to another without knowing why.We try to please and obey trends and directions opposed on us by others who want to control and be powerful by creating fear in you. This action make us forget our true selves, our true role here on earth. We beings are so beautiful in and out and by understanding  that thin line of light and energy can make such a big difference in our journey as beings .

We are exposed to so many books that tell us to be positive or to manifest more good in our life. This can be achieved by practice and focusing on one’s aim. The most important piece to the puzzle is usually left  out and forgotten, which is so simple and basic but so powerful that we can be re connected to our soul essence to understand and be reminded who we really are .When this occurs we have clear sight and inner strength to outer awareness in this journey we call life.

Words is the first tool book published in the island of Malta that offers you a simple and unique first step towards this process.This awareness has been created by Daniel Wright who is a holistic therapist and Reiki master well known in the holistic field in his country thanks  to TV appearances and presenting programs about awareness and holistic philosophy. Daniel felt a guidance and a need to create this book for all ages and times .

The book Words is quick to read and easy to use but the structure of the book is completely different from the normal ones. Each page offers a living philosophy and creates an experience  whilst opening you to your inner knowledge.This occurs due to the difference in the structure of the English written making the brain to stop and giving space to the mind’s spirit .

Words offers  you and your mind to stop and to create a moment to analyse ,be aware ,understand and remember who you really are. A tiny process to honour your true self ,your true energy seeded in your body, an awareness so close that you can feel and touch.

So start the journey not of self discovery but a journey of remembering your true core existence, your joy ,your true love of being and light.

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Daniel Wright


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