What if your insanity is the sanity that changes the world?

(by Susanna Mittermaier)

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you would go to a psychologist and tell them that your insanity is a gift to the world, they would probably nod, scratch their chin, adjust their glasses, do their best to look understanding and in their head you would sense the alarm going off: “Oh my god! This person is totally nuts! What diagnose will I give them?”

What if your craziness and everything this world calls insane, is a gift to the world not yet discovered? Would you be willing to get over the necessity to fit in, to be normal, average and the same and explore the true brilliance of you?

The greatest brilliance is you being you! You are what the world requires!

In my work as a psychologist and psychotherapist in psychiatry, I met countless of patients with all kinds of diagnosis. All of them were convinced that there was something wrong with them. They had adopted the expert´s points of view about their so-called disabilities as their own points of view. Working with my patients, I discovered the abilities hiding behind their so-called disabilities. Every single one of them has been extremely aware of their surroundings their whole lives. They pick up the thoughts, feelings emotions and points of view of everybody around them, thinking that they are their own, rather than asking a question that would free them from the insanity of this world, like, “Who does this belong to? Are these thoughts that drive me crazy truly mine or am I aware of what is going on in other people´s worlds?”. Asking questions allows you to open the doors to access possibilities that go beyond your problems and constant lack.

Let me invite you to a well-kept secret! Are you ready?

You are not having a problem, you are having an awareness! What does that mean? For instance, many people have been growing up around sad and depressed people and came into this world desiring to show their families a different possibility, wanting to make them happy. After a while this started them on the same path and pains as their family. Were you truly ever the depressed one or have you always known there is more to life?

What lies and answers about you have you adopted as yours your whole life, convincing yourself of the reality of problems and pains?

How much have you tried to heal depressed people? If you do not acknowledge that this is a capacity you have, you will always attract sad people, trying to heal them and wondering why your life is on constant hold and money seems to be a problem. What if you knew you had a different choice other than getting people out of their sadness? What if now is the time for you to be aware of what is going on with the people around you, without judging it and you being the ease and joy that invites them to something beyond sadness and depression? Your only job is to allow others to choose what they choose until they choose differently.

Psychology used to be the study of knowing until it became the study of making people behave the right way. With Pragmatic Psychology my target is to return to the basis of what psychology used to be; empowering people to know that they know and that change is just choice away.

The insanity of this world is not receiving the unique gift that each person is and the necessity of labeling what does not fit the norm. Labeling is the conclusion that kills the creativity that every difference is inviting to. Insanity is the lack of the ability to have a greater reality.

What else do you know is possible?

Pragmatic Psychology: Practical Tools for Being Crazy Happy

Pragmatic Psychology: Practical Tools for Being Crazy Happy

Meet the Author: Susanna Mittermaier is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, radio show host, access consciousness facilitator, worldwide speaker, founder of Pragmatic Psychology and author. She presented her book Pragmatic Psychology: Practical Tools for Being Crazy Happy at Watkins Books on the 10 September 2014. Visit our blog to find the video of her talk at Watkins Books.


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