Wake Up and Grow by Brett Moran

Wake The F#ck Up is a manifesto for personal change, presented with humour and wisdom from one man who’s been there, done that, and come out the other side shining. Brett Moran’s life changed forever when he was on a drug deal in the prison library and stumbled across a book on meditation. What came next was a decade of personal transformation.

Move from lost to alive by learning how to smash negative habits and re-engineering your energy through healthy lifestyle habits and by creating a positive mind-set. Be successful and happy no matter what life throws at you through simple gratitude practices and living more authentically. Real-life stories throughout will inspire you to think big and achieve even bigger while tough questions will help you overcome beliefs and conditioning that may have been keeping you caught in a life you didn’t consciously choose and then help you stay on the right track.

When you wake the f*ck up and start living the life you want, every day becomes an epic adventure.

I’m a big fan of Brett’s work. He speaks with an authenticity that inspires you to truly be yourself Dr David Hailton, bestselling author.

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