Valentine’s Day Tarot Readings at Watkins


2012 is a very special year. First and foremost for the romantics among us, of course, it’s a leap year – the February 29th folk tradition goes that women may propose marriage – so it’s also the perfect month to propose to your partner, no matter what gender.

However, if you aren’t absolutely certain you’d like to get down on one knee (yet), or if you’d like to reveal the consequences what might occur if you do take that earnest chance to court the one you love, why not come down to Watkins Books have a special Lovers tarot reading this Valentine’s Day?

Our tarot reader Cilla will be here to read for both singles & couples for all your pulse-fluttering and blush-inducing questions.


Cilla uses the Tarot deck she designed many years ago to look at all the current issues in your life – career, family, money and especially *Love* – and in combination her Devas of Creation oracle deck which depict cosmic energies, to look at the higher-level energies surrounding you.

Her in-depth readings are compassionate, insightful, and powerful, so why not treat yourself or your loved one – come and cast light on those knotty problems of the heart or find out how True Love might bloom in your life?

Please phone us on 020 7836 2182 to book an appointment, or just drop into the shop to speak to a member of staff.

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