Unity Beyond Differences – A Celebration of Yoga

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]une 21st 2015 is the inaugural International Yoga Day as decreed by the United Nations last December. It’s a day of promise, of hope, of change for the future. Those of us who practise yoga already know the benefits it can have on mind, body and spirit. If you have practised yoga earnestly then you will not need to be convinced of its benefits – you feel them instantly in your daily life.

However there are billions of people on the planet who are completely unaware of the benefits yoga could bring to their lives. They know little of the harmony between body and mind achieved through a morning practise, or the deep tranquillity reached in a profound meditation. Indeed, it goes without saying, if more people practised yoga, the world would probably be a more balanced and harmonious place, so those of us already awakened to the benefits of yoga and spirituality have a certain responsibility to share this gift with as many people as possible, and this is exactly the opportunity created by this special day.International Yoga Day gives us a platform to practise in unison and also, more importantly, to share. Practising any action in unison gives it a greater impulse, a more powerful impact. United consciousness, combined together and focused in the same direction has a much greater potential to bring about change, and sharing has the potential to bring many more people to that level of consciousness and aspiration.

So whether you already practise yoga daily or have never even tried it, there are special reasons to come out and do so on the 21st of June. If you are a regular practitioner of yoga then why not take this opportunity to introduce a friend or loved one to yoga. It will benefit them, the planet and also yourself in making such a magnanimous gesture. There really is no excuse – there are a number of yoga events (mostly free) going on in London and the U.K.

At Tara Yoga Centre we are putting on a full day (12 noon – 8pm) of free Yoga activities in Shoredtich Park, London and Oxford. You can try hatha yoga, meditation, laughter yoga, couples postures, head massage  and much more throughout the day. We also have nutritious food and cakes, music and free Yogi tea lined up for the day. It will be a true celebration of yoga in all its amazing facets. Yoga isn’t something you do just on your mat for an hour before work, yoga is a tool for a more complete life that integrates higher levels of our being into our awareness and brings us closer to the truth of who we really are through a gradual process of transformation. That’s what we aim to allow people to experience in a small way with this day of free activities.

If you are looking for a broader list of national activities for International Yoga Day you can check our website for a listing of yoga events all over the UK on the 21st of June: Everything from talks to classes to music. All in celebration of Yoga.
For a full listing of events and activities including more background information see here.

Tara Yoga Centre is a registered charity with Yoga centres in London and Oxford. We also run yoga courses in Weybridge, Richmond and Manchester. Tara is dedicated to giving people a choice in life – to choose a better way of living. We are a completely non profit organisation, entirely run by volunteers. Our environment is created to support transformation and anything that aspires to high spiritual values. www.tarayogacentre.co.uk

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