Understanding Karmic Complexes: Evolutionary Astrology and Regression Therapy

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by Patricia L. Walsh

This article first appeared in Watkins Mind Body Spirit, issue 24.

The past is not dead. In fact, it’s not even past. – William Faulkner

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] was shaking and crying and couldn’t speak. Even though I could think clearly, I was as baffled about what was going on as my fledgling guide, who sat next to me while I writhed on the floor. My body was telling us a story that came from so deep within my subconscious, my conscious mind had not yet caught up with what was surfacing. This was my ‘initiation’ into becoming a regression therapist and it was proving to be more challenging than either of us had bargained for. The emotions and body sensations were so strong all I could do was give them expression, even if they didn’t make sense yet. I sobbed and trembled and eventually, within my mind’s eye, images started to flood my awareness. The workshop room, my guide and my present day awareness receded into the background as I found myself struggling on a stone slab surrounded by several inquisitors. It was now obvious what ‘story’ my body was remembering, and it became clearer why I could not speak; I was missing my tongue. We worked through layers of terror and struggle, defeat and heart wrenching grief, and eventually the torture stopped as I left my body in that past life and entered the ‘after-life’.

This piece of ‘unfinished business’ that I was re-experiencing through regression turned out to be the cause of a life long fear of ‘speaking my truth’. As we worked further, we found that this past life self had been a middle aged male and that he had not been so shy in speaking out. In fact, I was a member of an esoteric society which had come under attack by the church and I had tried in vain to defend the order in an ecclesiastical court. Because I had offered a defense, the inquisitors took a special pleasure in cutting out my tongue, which deeply imprinted in my soul’s memory the belief that speaking out means death.

If I had been a skeptic about past lives and their impact on one’s present day psychology, I would have become a convert after that experience. Not only was my conscious mind totally taken by surprise at this memory that surfaced through all the levels of my being (body, emotions and mind), but working with it in that one session changed my life from that moment onwards. When I sat up after that session, I looked around the room and my first thought was “What have I been afraid of all my life?” Up until that point, I had considered myself a ‘closet mystic’. I kept the things most sacred to me very private and only shared them with close friends and like-minded others. All of a sudden it seemed absurd that I should fear sharing my inner self and my deepest beliefs. If I had not done that work several years ago, this book would not exist.

Our past life selves are not only characters in past dramas, but also live within us today as ‘sub-personalities’. Their ‘unfinished business’ can make itself known through irrational fears, phobias or patterns that are not easily changed. We feel their emotions, manifest their talents, think their thoughts, are limited by their fears and perpetuate their quandaries, often without consciously knowing we are doing so. These are the karmic complexes that are carried forward and re-imprinted in each lifetime, essentially causing us to ‘pick up’ where we left off.

In this book, I delve straight into the heart of these karmic complexes and demonstrate first, how they affect individuals and then, how resolving these complexes can change one’s life. I was fortunate to have studied personally with two pioneers in their own fields: Roger Woolger PhD (author of Other Lives, Other Selves) and Jeffrey Wolf Green (author of Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul), who both generously contributed forwards to this book. I went on to become the chief trainer for Dr. Woolger’s US professional training program and a certified Evolutionary Astrologer. Combining these two methods allowed me, as an astrologer, to map the soul’s past life journeys, and as a regression therapist and trainer, to work directly with thousands of individuals, helping them to meet their past life selves. After many years of documenting clients’ and students’ sessions, I realized I was in a unique position to contribute to both fields through the numerous case studies I had of ‘actual’ past life memories compared to clients’ astrological charts. My intention in writing this book wasn’t to prove either past life experiences or Evolutionary Astrology, yet this synthesis of astrology and regression work, presented through over 50 intimately detailed case studies, seems to do so anyway. In case after case, it becomes apparent to the reader that there are deeper dimensions to our psyche that modern day psychology doesn’t explain, and that by looking at an astrological chart from the karmic perspective, complexes and patterns are echoed there in black and white. The result is this book, which not only illustrates the astrological foundation of the karmic scripts we are born with, but also shows how healing unresolved issues from the past naturally unlocks the evolutionary potential of the soul.

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Patricia L. Walsh
Understanding Karmic Complexes: Evolutionary Astrology and Regression Therapy
The Wessex Astrologer
£24.00, Available from Watkins Books


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