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Unconditional Love is the Key: My Near Death Experience

Author of Dying to Fit In, Erica McKenzie, describes how her near death experience taught her self-value. Her story, along with many others’, are featured in Penny Sartori and Kelly Walsh’s upcoming book The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences.

Many of us feel lost, and struggle to find direction and purpose in life. One of the most challenging things to learn on your earthly journey, is to love your unique self, just as God made you. But what if I told you that doing this was single handedly the most crucial job we will ever have while we are on this planet? Without it, we would be unable to fully access our blueprint, gifts, and truly fulfill our life’s purpose.

How do I know? Prior to my NDE, I spent many years wanting others to accept me and was convinced that changing myself to fit in was the answer. This sent me down a path where I made several poor choices that ultimately led to my death. I didn’t realize that in my desperation to fit in, I was changing the wrong things; trying to find my value in mankind instead of God. I had become so lost, that in the few moments before I died, my only thought was, Who am I? I took my last breath without knowing the answer.

Dying taught me so many lessons. One of the most important things I learned from God was that your uniqueness is your value and your value is your contribution on this earthly journey. It doesn’t matter who you are or who you aren’t, which should come as a huge relief. If you are here on this planet, you are valuable!

What an incredible lesson! It was so simple, yet so profound. For the first time, I finally understood that I was valuable because I was unique. God had designed me to be one-of-a-kind. My individual blueprint and gifts were given to me by the Divine, to help me fulfill my life’s purpose. It took dying for me to learn this valuable lesson. Learning to love and accept myself for who I am has been a struggle, but I’m getting there.

So how did I find my true self? By connecting with my spirit. The mind is powerful, yet it pales in comparison to the knowledge found within our spiritual hearts. That knowledge is divine power. If we choose, we can unlock the answers by turning inward, and reconnecting to God. I discovered my true-self, through my connection with the Divine. By partnering with God, I grew and nurtured unconditional love for myself. We can all recognize and develop a bond with our Creator, and be fueled and sustained by His love.

This Unconditional love is the key to igniting our inner potential. When we seek God’s power within us, we gain knowledge needed to help us through every life experience. As we step into that God-strength, we reveal our blueprint and gifts. It is by design that this pattern, when followed, helps us realize we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our sense of self, and identity are not subject to the boundaries we perceive. We can go beyond them and embrace an authentic life! Through this God connection we are able to overcome fundamental human limitations.

I’m an advocate for a consciousness-based approach to healing. I utilize my background in healthcare, research, investigative journalism, my unique abilities, and my NDE to help increase public awareness of transformational experiences. Through my life and near-death lessons, I teach others how to achieve personal healing in all areas of life. I’m dedicated to encouraging people who have had a near death, or some other non-ordinary experience, to communicate about it. My goal is to work as a team to enlighten others by revealing the healing power in other people’s stories.

I was touched when Robert Tremblay, a mutual NDE friend, introduced me to Kelly Walsh. When Kelly asked me to write a chapter for her collaborative book project, with Dr. Penny Sartori, I was thrilled and honored. Kelly’s story moved me and I was impressed by Penny’s hard work and dedication to researching the near-death experience phenomenon. I’m truly proud of both of them, and all the contributing authors that worked hard to help to make this book possible.

“You matter. You are important. You are unique. You are valuable, and most of all You are loved!”-Erica McKenzie, RN

Read more about the transformational effects of  NDEs in The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences, a book written by Penny Sartori and Kelly Walsh, available from November 2017. The book contains a selection of stories from ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences that have changed the course of their lives and opened each and every one of them to the power of divine love. 

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