Top 10+1 in Magick & Occult

We’re starting a series of recommendations by our knowledgeable staff and will take you through the most interesting books on our shelves! Whether you’re new to the topic or experienced, you will surely find something to your liking.

Top books in Magick & Occult

Top books in Magick & Occult

1. The Enochian Evocation of Dr. John Dee by Geoffrey James, £18.99
Undoubtedly a bedrock of modern magic, Dee’s work is here presented as a coherent system that can be followed and practiced by present day occultists.
2. Aleister Crowley and the Cult of Pan by Paul Newman, £12.99
A wonderful little book that helps to contextualise much of Crowley’s more literary output. Set alongside E.M. Forster, D.H. Lawrence and Arthur Machen, Crowley’s psychology can be seen as less extreme, and more a participation of the concerns of his generation.
3. Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune: The Logos of the Aeon and the Shakti of the Age by Alan Richardson, £19.99
Recalling Plutarch, Richardson has parallelled the lives of Crowley and Fortune to assess their collective impact on modern occultism.
Beginning with the end and working backwards, occultism can be viewed as a ‘current’ passing through these two interesting biographies.
4. Fallen Angels: Soldiers of Satan’s Realm by Bernard Bamberger, £17.99
Less of a book for Satanists, and more an exploration of the idea of fallen angels. Bamberger traces the history of the belief in these entities through Ethiopic, Rabbinic and Christian sources. A fascinating study.
5. Tubelo’s Green Fire by Shani Oates, £12.99
Referenced by Stuart Inman in Abraxas Journal of Esoteric Studies, this is a fascinating insight into the beliefs and practices of the Clan of Tubal Cain. Historical and contemporary ideas of witchcraft are explored through this unique perspective.
6. XVI from Scarlet Imprint (various authors), £44 (strictly limited edition, bound in linen cloth and printed in red and black ink on heavy paper stock)
Contemporary essays confronting magick in a modern context. Stimulating and diverse discussions on The Lightning Path through the myopic politics of recent government.
7. Chaotopia!: Sorcery and Ecstasy in the Fifth Aeon by Dave Lee, £13.99
Chaos magic exemplifies the ad hoc practices of the modern magician, and in this modern classic Dave Lee gives us snapshots of a working approach to such themes as Money, Excorcism, Sex, Landscapes, Visions, Physics, and Healing.
8. Creating Magickal Entities, by David Michael Cunningham, £13.99
Presents step-by-step instructions for creating entities through astral manipulation. A useful guide to the development of a ‘familiar’ for use in magical practice.
9. The Devil’s Paintbrush by Jake Arnott, £7.99
A night on the town with The Beast – an enthralling tale of imperialism, sexuality and the nature of belief.
10. The Primal Force in Symbol: Understanding the Language of Higher Consciousness by Rene Alleau, £16.99
This book explores the grammar, principles and structures of symbology, the science of symbol. Essential reading for magicians and philosophers alike.11. Tantric Thelema by Sam Webster, £19.99
Combining Tantric Buddhism with Crowley’s Thelema, Webster presents deity yoga for modern magicians, whilst rooting Mahayoga practices in a Western tradition.

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