Meet Tiffany Crosara

Tiffany Crosara is an Award Winning TV Psychic and The Award Winning Author of The Transformational Truth 6497738of Tarot. The Transformational Truth of You! is a prominent message about how to work with karma to transform it into blessings. Tiffany will talk at Watkins Books on October 15 at 6.30pm. Find out more information on our events page.

Which books and authors inspired you to get started writing?
I am not sure that I was inspired to write a book by another author, it kind of just happened. I always enjoyed writing and a few years ago I was headhunted to teach Tarot for a company, for which I wrote a manual. That manual – The Transformational Truth of Tarot – became my first book. As a child and teenager my favourite author was Linda Goodman, I loved her books, Sun Signs, Love Signs and Sex Signs. Then, in my early twenties I had a passing of a loved one and my mother bought me Journey of Souls by Michael Newton. That book had a profound effect on me, it was like I was reading my beliefs for the first time. The Power of Now was a life-changing book too.

What are your goals and intentions as a writer?
My goal as a writer is to spread the message of how to connect with our own ‘super -naturalness‘ and the one of the universe. If I can reach your heart and mind and open them up to a level where you dare to acknowledge a little bit more that you feel and trust who you are and your divinity, then I have done a good job. I guess in that sense I may well be inspired by Michael Newton, as that is what he did for me.

What empowers you in your daily work and life?
I am really blessed to have been my own boss for twelve years now. I am sure some people may look at the way I live my life, with no sick pay, no insurance, no mortgage, no owned home, no holiday pay, and no way of knowing when the next pay cheque is coming and think: ‘that’s not a blessing!’ However, it is for me. It’s about the freedom to be exactly who I am in the world. From my experience, the more we face our fears the more they diminish, and the more we give into them the more power they hold. Yes, there has been hard times in the last twelve years. I have worked incredibly hard, with very little holiday, but also very little sickness and actually no need for either. I believe this is because I am blessed enough to be free to live my passion. I have also noticed that although I say I am my own boss, I most definitely am not! There have been times that I worked when ill and wondered why I wasn’t getting clients, that’s until one day I heard a voice in my head say: ‘because you are ill! Your problem is you think you work for yourself, you don’t! You work for us. Go home!’ I work for the spirit that empowers me.

Do you have a daily spiritual practice?
Yes, I meditate, do yoga, set intentions, dance, practise gratitude, I find all of these help me keep my consciousness throughout the day immensely.

What is your idea of happiness?
My idea of happiness is having the freedom to be who you are, to love yourself, despite what the outside world may think. To go on and shine that unique light, live your purpose, look back on your life and know that you came here to do what you came to do, whether that’s small humble kindnesses that no-one ever knew about, or big attention grabbing events – it’s neither here nor there, what matters is that you are true to who you are. That’s happiness.

What is your next project?
My next book is a toss-up between two: I am currently writing a book with my Granddad, who may well just be the most spiritual person I know. He is 97 now and I spend 45 minutes on the phone with him every week, I leave the conversation feeling totally inspired, the wisdom and the title are a corker! Or it may be the next book in The Transformational Truth series – but I want to keep a level of mystery around both at the moment! 🙂

Is there anything you want to say to your readers?
Thank you for being interested enough to read. To read my work takes a willingness to suspend judgment and to give permission for your imagination to come forth, to entertain different perspectives and just think ‘what if ‘? Those two words ‘what if?’ may well be the two most creative words on the planet – just like the imagination is the most powerful creative gift we have. Nothing was created without being imagined first.

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