The Whole Elephant Revealed

This article first appeared in Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit magazine #34, Summer 2013.

(by Marja de Vries)

Insights into the existence and operation of Universal Laws and the Golden Ratio

Everything that is in line with the universal laws takes minimal effort, is in tune with who we really are and is in balance and harmony with the greater whole, contributing to the well being of everyone and everything.

The universal laws as a frame of reference

How can we know, in this time when our old ways of solving problems seem to be inadequate, that a different way of doing things really will be an improvement and not in hindsight just another way of doing the same things that did not work? That raises the question of how we really can discern between what works on the long term and what doesn’t. As long as we don’t know the difference between them, no matter how hard we work and no matter how hard we try to change things, we will not be able to know whether or not we will achieve the desired results in the end. But on the other hand, once we are able to make that discernment, we can consciously stimulate that which works and prevent that which has a contrary effect.

So, in case we are looking for some key to be able to know whether a change will contribute to optimal performing, a healthy and natural environment, the wellbeing of all and everyone and the future generations on this planet, then we can use our insights into the operation of the universal laws as a frame of reference.

What are universal laws?

THE WHOLE ELEPHANT REVEALED: Insights into the existence and operation of Universal Laws and the Golden Ratio by Marja de Vries (420 pages).

In my book The Whole Elephant Revealed I describe the existence and operation of these universal laws. Universal laws and the golden ratio are principles that describe the underlying dynamics of the order and harmony of the universe. The universe exists by virtue of these principles, which form its framework and which hold it together. They are constant, immutable and can not be bent. These principles are called universal because they work on all levels of existence and apply to everything that exists.

While these universal laws in our Western culture have been largely forgotten for a long time, they are part of the golden thread of fundamental universal truth woven through all the ancient wisdom traditions. In my book, I describe these universal laws in the first place based on the underlying common insights that can be found in all wisdom traditions. This means that the universal laws are not a theory or a model, not something someone has thought up, but the underlying truth, which we too can recognize as our own inner truth when we are sufficiently in contact with who we are in essence. In addition, I also describe these principles based on recent scientific discoveries, for at this moment cutting-edge scientific research is well underway to confirm the operation of these universal laws. This synthesis offers a clear insight into the operation of these underlying principles which helps us to understand how the entire universe works. The picture that emerges provides a framework within which the many different aspects of ourselves and of the world around us fall into place as pieces of a puzzle. Infact, it reveals a completely new and coherent worldview.

We have a choice

While everything in the universe works in harmony with these principles, we human beings find ourselves in the special position of having free will. Because of this we have the freedom to choose to act contrary to or in harmony with these laws. The rediscovery of these universal principles makes us realize that many aspects of our personal life and our Western culture are not in line with the operation of these underlying principles. In 1992 the Hopi elder Thomas Banyacya spoke to the United Nations General Assembly and pointed out that the imbalance all around us in our present world might very well be the result of – consciously or unconsciously – not acting in harmony with the universal laws, now and in the past.  These universal laws are not rules that tell us what to do, but instead help us to understand how everything works in the universe, who we really are and what our true potential is. They enable us to see why our life is the way it is, where it is not in line with these principles and how we can improve it. Above all they help us to understand what works and what doesn’t work in the long term, for everything that operates in line with the universal laws is in harmony with the greater whole.

We can therefore use these insights to overcome our cultural confusion about what is real progress and what is regressive and destructive. Everything that operates in line with the universal laws follows the path of least resistance, is in tune with who we really are, is in harmony with the greater whole and contributes to the well being of all and everything. So, these insights can help us to make the conscious choice to move along the path to manifest our highest potential, instead of moving towards further destruction. For, if we choose to act in line with the operation of the universal laws, we will also function in an optimal way, in tune with who we really are, as well as in harmony with the greater whole.

The importance of the rediscovery of the universal laws

This is a hard choice to make, though, particularly if we’re not familiar with the principles. For that reason the rediscovery of how these universal laws work, seems to be of extreme importance in this time of great imbalance worldwide. By understanding the operation of the universal laws we can consciously choose to have these principles working to our advantage. Everything that is in line with these universal laws takes the minimum of effort. Because the nature of these principles is universal, we can apply these insights to all aspects of our individual and social life. They can be used as a frame of reference for all personal and social transformations which aim at a greater harmony within ourselves and with the greater whole, thereby ensuring a future for the coming generations. A growing number of people are beginning to feel the need for a clear and well-founded insight into the universal laws, which explains why more than 11,000 copies of my book, The Whole Elephant Revealed, have sold since it was published in Dutch in 2007. The book can also be found on the required reading list of a growing number of training and educational programs.

By bridging Western science and wisdom traditions, The Whole Elephant Revealed makes it possible to understand intuitively, as well as with our rational-logical mind, how we as human beings can flourish in harmony with each other and with the natural world around us. It helps us to understand that first of all, for most of us, there is individual inner work to be done to restore the balance of the masculine and feminine aspects in ourselves. Once we have restored our individual balance we can use the principles to create a personal and social life in accordance with our deepest wishes and in harmony with each other, nature, the planet and the greater whole.


Marja de Vries

Marja de Vries studied biology and ecology and worked as a fabric artist. Wanting to understand how we as human beings can live in harmony with nature, she visited several indigenous cultures and obtained her insights in the non-physical reality through training based on Native American traditions, as well as through personal direct experience. Since the publication of The Whole Elephant Revealed in Dutch in 2007, she has also become a popular speaker. At the moment she is writing a book about ‘Societies in Balance’, a term she coined to describe societies where insights into the working of the universal laws are an inherent part of all aspects of the culture. www.marjadevries.nl

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