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The Seven Key Lessons of Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership

(by Sarah Alexander)

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n her book Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership: From Manager to Leader in Your Own Life, Sarah Alexander unlocks the keys to master our Spiritual Intelligence in order to become ‘spiritually intelligent leaders in our own lives’. Spiritual intelligence – she says – is our deep inner wisdom, the knowledge and insight that lies within us, guiding us and always aligning us with our highest good and greatest joy. How can we become spiritually intelligent?

The full article is included in Watkins Mind Body Spirit - Issue 39 (Autumn 2014)

The full article is included in Watkins Mind Body Spirit – Issue 39 (Autumn 2014)

As the title suggests, the book advises on ways to become Leaders in our lives – moving from the ego, which Sarah refers to as the manager in our lives, to the True Self, which is the Leader in our lives.

The daily practice of meditation is key in developing this connection and in addition Sarah presents seven key lessons to step inwards to follow our Spiritual Intelligence and the Higher plan for our lives.

[dropcap_orange]1[/dropcap_orange] Believe In Your True Value and Worth
Our True Self knows that, regardless of our outer circumstances, our worth is consistent and inestimable. As we align with this thinking, we are able to let go of the need to constantly prove our worth and be happy with exactly ‘what is’.

[dropcap_orange]2[/dropcap_orange] Know Your Security Is Within You
Our True Self knows that our real security lies within. The more we are able to rest in that place of inner security, the easier we find it to let go and navigate life’s ebbs and flows without losing our calm centre.

[dropcap_orange]3[/dropcap_orange] The Power of Your Intuited Wisdom
As our True Self, we allow the wisdom of our Spiritual Intelligence to guide every aspect of our lives and to solve all issues that arise for us, even if this guidance appears to be far from logical. This Intelligence knows what is right in any situation and all that we are here to accomplish within it.

SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE IN LEADERSHIP: From Manager to Leader in Your Own Life by Sarah Alexander, published by Balloonview, paperback (184 pages).

SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE IN LEADERSHIP: From Manager to Leader in Your Own Life by Sarah Alexander, published by Balloonview, paperback (184 pages).

[dropcap_orange]4[/dropcap_orange] The Value of Deep Faith
We are familiar with placing our faith in our partner, our job, our financial position or the medical profession. Yet all of these things are changeable and often unreliable. As our True Self, we have complete faith in the inherent goodness of Life. We recognise that everything that occurs is part of the overall arc of goodness that is moving us all towards our Highest potential. With this acceptance, we can relax and surrender to all that Life offers us.

[dropcap_orange]5[/dropcap_orange] Right Intention… Right Action
Our ego has a host of intentions that will provide us with the material lifestyle that it desires. Our True Self intends only to express qualities such as goodness, loving kindness, compassion, generosity and forgiveness. It goes through life looking for opportunities to express these qualities to others in the knowledge that it will receive all that it shares.

[dropcap_orange]6[/dropcap_orange] Letting Your Light Shine
To our ego, shining its light means achieving fame, significance and recognition, by whatever means! You only have to watch reality TV shows to see this desire in action. As our True Self we shine our light by utilising our gifts for the betterment of the world. All we have to do is show up in every situation and allow our inner light to bring love into it.

[dropcap_orange]7[/dropcap_orange] The First Among Equals
The ego’s approach to leadership is to take charge, affirm your superiority and don’t let your guard down. Even in social situations, it assesses others and finds a host of reasons to feel superior. Our True Self’s approach is to see itself as first among equals. It sees the inherent worth in everyone, regardless of their position and treats them with courtesy. This approach leads to harmony in interpersonal relationships and a sense of Oneness within a team.

The full article is available in Watkins Mind Body Spirit Magazine – Issue 39 (Autumn 2014)

Sarah Alexander

Sarah Alexander is a coach, mentor, speaker and author. She coaches business leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide using Spiritual Intelligence to help them make the most of their life’s work. She has worked with international sports professionals, executives from multinationals in the UK, Europe and the Far East, and entrepreneurs running successful businesses. She is also the author of Spiritual Intelligence in Business: The Eight Pillars of 21st Century Business Success. www.sarah-alexander.co.uk

 Sarah will be speaking and signing her book at Watkins bookshop on Thursday, September 18, at 6.30pm (view full programme).


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