The Seer Unbound

The Seer Unbound


A poem by Annette Peedell


The deep transition within soul,

Of life to death,

Mortality to rebirth,

Is observed; the ‘seer’ transfixed.

Time both momentary and limitless,

Is bound within memories of the unconscious.


The neurone’s pulse reaches the ‘inner eye,’

And the seer transported to the Court of Charlemagne,

Where she dominates as Queen.

Her ermine lined cloak framing

The deep red gown of richest damask.

Self-indulgence ‘reigns’ within her,

Until the repulsion of the masses

Means they ‘bay’ for her end.


She lifts her head

At the falcon’s cry,

The sun warming her hair

Terror icing her soul,

The noose tightens,

Voices of ‘her’ people echo, as they taunt, laugh….

Then hung!  She sways ahead a cheering crowd,

The empty vessel, cloak with ermine slips to the ground.


Gasping for life’s breath,

The seer writhes upon the floor,

Pulling, frantic, struggling, constrictive pressure building…..

Until the fabric of reality is shifting, a myriad of splintering glass,

Disassembling, reassembling, prismatic colour expanding,

And then a sense of rebirth, relief, reunion with self!

Her eyes open and embrace the silent strength of candlelight,

Safe in the Temple of Vesta, alive in Caesar’s Rome.


She shivered with revulsion and delight,

At the remembrances of her soul,

For there is a juncture

Of lives to be lived,

Those of the now, and those forgotten,

Where the seer stands unbound……





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