The Psychic Way: Fine-tuning Your Intuition

by Barbara Ford-Hammond

Psychic – of or relating to the soul or mind.
Intuition – the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning.

When I opened my hypnotherapy clinic 20 years ago it seemed necessary to be perceived as ‘normal’ by keeping away from subjects deemed ‘out there.’ It was important that the establishment: whether medical scientific, knew that I was a clinician and not a floaty fluffball. After a few years, as my practice grew and after I had suppressed my own psychic and intuitive abilities, it became clear there are no rules about beliefs.

Many people told me their star sign the moment they met me. More and more clients wanted past life regressions or future life progressions. Then they started asking about chakras and auras. On any particular day I could see a client for pain relief, to stop smoking, lose a phobia, maybe a medical referral for depression or someone needing confidence in front of a camera. My diary was pretty varied.

The tipping point was on the day a surgeon; in a very Doc Martin way with a phobia about blood, came for past life therapy and I decided to step out of the witchy closet.

As my practice continued to expand and I began coaching creatives, giving talks, hosting retreats and salons the book slowly began to form in my mind until no longer able to ignore it tapping on my mind I acknowledged and birthed it.

For me it is important that there is choice. Not everyone wants to remember a past life or look forward in time to future ones. Some are instantly attracted to hypnosis, giving psychic readings, working with spirit guides, seeing auras or balancing chakras. Others want to know about cosmic ordering and why it isn’t working for them or how they can use a pendulum to clear their thoughts, heal or balance.

I hope that whatever the reader seeks, they find in the book. Not necessarily the answer but the way for them to discover their own answers.

As your intuition develops and you recognise your inner skills and abilities your life will be enhanced. When the little voice says, ‘do it, do it, do it.’ Or ‘don’t do it, walk away’ you will be able to trust and believe in yourself. All the times when you ‘knew’ but didn’t act will come to your mind as evidence of your success and you will be truly in the flow.

The Psychic Way is available from Watkins

‘Living the psychic way means different things to different people as I have discovered each time I’ve mentioned the title of this book. For me, it is a way of life: trusting intuition, being in the flow and trying to be helpful to others. It isn’t always easy but when you ‘get it’ it is blissful.

The Psychic Way shows how, by practicing hypnotic meditation combined with a mix of techniques, you can develop your inner skills and improve your well-being. The book does not deliver a one size fits all approach but more a toolbox to dip into while discovering your fortes.

I believe that we all have natural but often hidden or ignored abilities and talents that are tucked away in our psyches. A lot of the time these skills are usually out of sight as many people have decided that our sixth sense and innate gifts should be ignored. Personally, I have my magical life and scientific interests sitting together very nicely with absolute respect for each other, clash-free and with many crossovers.

Using the techniques outlined in this book will help in all areas of your life: personally and professionally. You have probably already had intuitive moments, but maybe they were disregarded. Have you ever met someone who you instantly disliked but went against your judgment, only to find out later you were right to be concerned? Likewise, you have probably been drawn towards a person who seemed warm and approachable and they were exactly that. Have you ever said, ‘I knew that would happen’? Or not been in the least bit surprised at an unusual event’s outcome? These examples perfectly demonstrate that you already know a lot more than you ‘know’.

This is your route for ‘tuning in’ to awaken or build the skills within your natural self. The subjects covered can be for self-use, if you are seeking to develop as a light-worker, to enhance the talents you are already using or if you wish to take over the world.

Together we will remove the weird, the wacky and the woo-woo without losing the magic and charm available to you in your inner and outer world. You can live the psychic way by fine-tuning your intuition.’

Please enjoy the book and remember to claim your gift of a free meditation download.


Barbara Ford-Hammond is an author, hypnotist, muse and retreat host. She is the publisher of 6th Books, the paranormal/parapsychology imprint within John Hunt Publishing.

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