The John Michell Reader

The John Michell Reader is Our Pick of the Day

bookshelf imageThe John Michell Reader


Joscelyn Godwin
The John Michell Reader
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Book Description: A countercultural icon of the 1960s, John Michell (1933-2009) was perhaps best known for his books on sacred geometry, Earth mysteries, and unusual phenomena. He was also beloved and reviled for his radical, idealistic, yet classically traditional views on a wide range of heretical topics. In this collection of his most insightful, erudite, witty, and occasionally scathing essays he takes on Darwinism, superstition, Jesus, the Grail legend, agribusiness, the madness of modernity, and much more. Michell always took the larger view, reminding us that the “paradise of the philosophers” is still within reach for those with the vision to see it.

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