The Hitopadesa is Our Staff Pick of the Day

bookshelf image514fTtKoTuL._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_Narayana
The Hitopadesa
Penguin Books
£12.99, Available from Watkins Books

Selected by Klaus from  Watkins Books:


‘Composed between 800 and 950 AD, Narayana’s Hitopadesa is one of the best-known of all works in Sanskrit literature. A fascinating collection of fables, maxims and sayings in verse, it provides a ‘garden of pleasing stories’ created to provide guidance, wisdom and advice to the reader. With elegance and great humour, Narayana weaves a framework for the classic tales, here narrated by animals who quote from and reflect on stories from the Pancatantra and other traditional sources. At once an anthology of folk wisdom and an original and satirical work in its own right, the Hitopadesa has been deeply admired and widely read for more than a thousand years for its humorous and profound reflections on human lives, loves, follies and philosophies.’

“Let the heart contented beat,
And every riches will be thine.
To one with shoes upon his feet,
All earth is spread with leather fine.”


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