The Hidden Meaning of Our Existence

(by Anadi)

This article first appeared in Watkins Mind Body Spirit - Issue 40 (Winter 2014)

This article first appeared in Watkins Mind Body Spirit – Issue 40 (Winter 2014)

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he most complete exposition of the teaching of Anadi, Book of Enlightenment is a unique manual of spiritual insight and revelation which takes the reader beyond accepted boundaries of non-duality and enlightenment. A revolutionary compendium of spiritual knowledge addressed to those commencing their inner journey, as well as those who have already reached higher levels of spiritual realization, its purpose is to reveal the multidimensional evolution of human consciousness from the state of ignorance to the state of wholeness. It is a book of spiritual guidance directed to uncompromising seekers of truth.

The irony of human life is that the vast majority of human beings have no idea why they actually exist. We keep living because we have no other option. In the plane of ignorance everybody is deeply asleep, dreaming. But is it really life, to wake up every day to that pretense of living in a way that is disconnected from our true purpose? Human beings have mastered the art of living in denial. We keep rationalizing our existence with all kinds of philosophies, ideologies and beliefs in order to create the illusion that our life has real meaning and purpose. But in the end, not only do we live without real purpose, we are living a lie. This is in fact worse than having no purpose at all – it is hypocrisy.

In this world where no one knows why they exist, parents transfer their ignorance to their children and these children will do the same to their children. This is the never-ending circle of ignorance that has become a prison for humanity. In this prison, everyone has a kind of answer to the question of life, but it is truly more honest to be in the state of not-knowing than to hide behind the illusion of knowledge.

And yet there is another way, a way to know truth. That truth is hidden from the collective consciousness because it is too precious to be revealed to those who agree to live in mediocrity, refusing to enter the lonely and often painful search for truth. It is designed to reveal itself only to those who have proved themselves worthy.

Truth is constantly testing every soul and every human being until it finds a suitable vessel, a worthy channel for its entry into the human realm. And what is this truth? Truth has two faces: the negative and the positive. The negative is the revelation of our ignorance: the vast horizon of knowing virtually nothing, of being so lost and so ignorant that we cannot even sense in what way we are lost, or be in touch with the level of our soul’s desolation. To know that one does not know is the beginning of the path.

The positive face of truth is to know the naked face of reality, which is to know oneself and the light of the self. This cannot be known unless we discover the very purpose of life. This knowing manifests not through the accumulation of concepts, but through embodying the living light of our ancient self and finally awakening to our original state: the light, love and complete intelligence of the fundamental reality.

Book of Enlightenment by Anadi, published by Mantra Books, Paperback (312 pages).

Book of Enlightenment by Anadi, published by Mantra Books, Paperback (312 pages).

There is still a vast chasm between realizing that one has to awaken and moving beyond the state of ignorance. Ignorance is like a prison that keeps us captive in lower consciousness. It uses all kinds of deceits to block our path to reality. Therefore, in order to walk the inner path, we have to be completely devoted to our true purpose and ready to pay the necessary price for freedom. Above all, we need to develop our spiritual intelligence, the subtle sensitivity, wisdom and intuition that allow us to decipher the secrets of the inner path and the intricate laws which govern the process of self-realization. A deep study of the high teachings of enlightenment and the science of meditation is a requisite part of this, as well as developing the kind of sensitivity which enables us to recognize our pure nature – objectless consciousness.

Awakening to pure subjectivity is the essence of the spiritual path, at the heart of which is the light of I am. I am is the original energy of creation. It resides in all beings, but remains dormant unless it is consciously actualized. To recognize our essence of pure subjectivity, we must meet our higher identity beyond the construct of the mind and personality. Our true self dwells unconditionally in the bliss of its original light, untouched by the movement of thoughts and emotions. It knows itself not through thought but through being. To embody it is to fulfill the very purpose of our creation and realize the state of love. Only then there is peace.



Meet the Author: Anadi’s life has been dedicated to the completion of his spiritual path, including in-depth studies of Advaita in India and Zen Buddhism in Korea and Japan. Based on his own personal struggle, evolution and exploration of the inner realm, he has created a unique system of teaching which presents an entirely new vision of human enlightenment beyond past and accepted traditions. Anadi has been teaching for more than 15 years and gives meditation retreats regularly in India and Israel. He has a Youtube channel with a growing number of short clips showing his responses to students’ questions here: www.youtube.com/channel/UCJTn5FNryvv5zmt0dobjvBQ; www.anaditeaching.com


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