The Evolution of Intuition

(by Becky Walsh)

This article first appeared in Watkins Mind Body Spirit #30, Summer 2012.

This article first appeared in Watkins Mind Body Spirit #30, Summer 2012.

Albert Einstein once said “The only real valuable thing is intuition.” So why isn’t everyone using it? The truth is most people don’t know how to listen to their intuition. We all know about ‘gut instincts’, but those feelings of uneasiness around your decision making can come just as easily from your ego.  Your ego is a part of your mind that is trying to protect the physical body. The ego draws on past experience which often means you limit yourself to only experiencing what you already know. Which means we stay in the same social groups, work environments or relationships as ego intuition makes limited decisions based around fear. The gut instinct comes from our sacral and solar plexus chakras. The solar plexus stands out in front of the body, it brings back sensations from the energetic imprint of a person or environment to let us know if it’s safe or not. These are then turned into emotions by the sacral chakra, but it is the ego mind that gives the information meaning.  How you will recognise your ego is by listening to the voice in your mind. The same voice that tells you what you ‘should and shouldn’t do’. Most intuitive knowing is filtered through the ego before we can feel we can trust it. Unfortunately that does the opposite and makes it less trust worthy.

The good news is our understanding of intuition has evolved. Einstein would be proud!

Part of our life’s purpose is to be the joiner of dots, to find the bigger meaning from one generation to the next. This new form of ‘evolutionary intuition’ brings our understanding of inner knowing to its deepest and most profound to date. Evolution has always been about survival of the species. It is clear that we cannot go on with the same level of thinking that has brought humanity to this position. We need to shift our consciousness and here is how intuition can be the catalyst for that change.

There are two forms of intuition, Ego based and love based. Love based intuition is purely about unity and the coming together of people and consciousness. We know that we could change the world for the better if people could only work together. However we are secretly scared of each other. In every person there is the loving person and the fear (ego) person. Intuition gives us the chance to be able to see the love in ourselves and each other. Many people struggle with keeping the heart open to love. There is a very good reason for this as the chances are in your lifetime you have been hurt, shut down, shut up and shut off.  Intuition is the safety switch to keeping an open heart. When you can trust your intuition you not only know who to trust, but you can also change how you react to someone else’s pain when you can intuitively see the route of that pain.

How you can start to develop this knowing is by becoming curious about yourself, other people and the world around you. Curiosity is the route to an open heart and opening your loving intuitive knowing.

The empowerment comes when intuitive knowing becomes stronger than the ego. When you don’t think from the ego and can’t be controlled by other people and you can’t be paralysed by your own fear.

So here are five steps to develop love based intuition in everyday life:

You need purpose

When we make decisions by thinking alone we limit ourselves to ideas based on information we already know.  Intuition will guide us to make decisions with our heart but also to step into a ‘knowing’ that isn’t conscious.  However this intuitive guidance system only works if there is purpose. So you couldn’t expect to be guided on simply thinking ‘what should I do with my life?’ The emerging desire behind the question might be ‘How can I lead a creative life?’, ‘How can my life be of the best use for others?’ ‘How can I have a happy fulfilled existence?’ Simply adding purpose to a day can also create more intuitive knowing throughout that day. Purpose could also be described as intention. Setting out what you want from a day, a week, or even a year gives your inner guidance system a purpose to work with. Use your imagination, step into wonder and create purpose from a space of being excited. See what unfolds.

You need love

Often when we look for intuitive knowing it’s because we are trying to avoid something going ‘wrong’. There are two major fears in life: losing what we have and not getting what we want. Many people seek intuitive information for controlling those two fears, but when we try and control life we step into the left hemisphere of our brain. The left hemisphere is the action mind; it calculates and works on logic. When this part of the brain is active the intuitive mind in the right hemisphere of the brain is receiving information you can’t hear, because the left hemisphere is busy in a state of concern or worry. If we take a moment to consider ‘what would love say to this’ we open the channels to be able to hear the intuitive knowing. Of course there are many ways in which we can ‘hear’. This may come as a feeling in the body. So when you pose the question ‘what would love say to this’ put your hand on your heart, so you have a better connection with your body. The more we love in a day, the more our intuition works. This could be feeling a sense of love about anything, from taking a moment to appreciate a flower to the first cup of coffee in the morning. Being present with a moment of love, appreciation, or gratitude heightens intuitive awareness.

Still your mind

Slow down! The fear of losing what we have or/and not getting what we want can lead the mind to think quickly and often in circles about our situation. You will have heard of the term ‘sleep on it’, sleeping on it works because when you stop thinking you allow the intuition to emerge and the answer becomes obvious. Taking up meditation, walking, dancing or simply two minutes out of your day to be still and quiet the mind can save you hours of chasing your tail with unproductive thoughts.

Become aware of your body

The body is more than a tool by which we move through life. You are your body and your body is you. You are a biochemical electromagnetic energy system. In fact you are a system of systems working together. All these systems are interdependent upon one another and can affect one another greatly. You are probably familiar with the physical body and the various systems which are contained within it, but you also have subtler bodies which exist in the same space as the physical body, but at different levels of vibration. These energy bodies cannot be seen because they are composed of energy vibrating at frequencies outside of our normal range of perception. It is a higher, more refined vibration. But although the energy cannot ordinarily be seen, it can be felt, and we can also feel intuitive knowing through this energy system. Taking time to notice when we don’t feel ‘quite like ourselves’ can be an indicator of intuitive wisdom coming though the energy system of the body.

Open your eyes with curiosity

Many people take the route of using tools such as Tarot cards to access the intuitive mind. The image on the Tarot card opens the right hemisphere of the brain. Regardless of what the card means by the definition in the guide book, people relate to the character archetypes on the cards and downloads of intuitive knowing can be accessed. These cards are just a tool to open a talent that you already have. The world when you look at it with curiosity is one big Tarot card. From the way you look at advertising billboards, over hearing someone’s loud phone conversation, to patterns in the clouds, when you look at the world with curious eyes everything can have a strange sense of coincidence about it. It changes the world from being a place you exist in, to a place that exists within you. Often everything you see becomes more colourful and vibrant, like you stepped into a cartoon. When you look at the world through curious eyes you are able to be in unison with what really matters. You meet people who can aid you in your purpose, you find short cuts you didn’t know existed and you feel part of everything. Simply put, life becomes less of a struggle and more of an intuitive flow in the right direction.

Meet the author: Becky Walsh is an intuitive catalyst for people who want growth and positive change in any area of life. Best known for having had a radio show on LBC 97.3, she is also the author of two published books (Intuitive Lovers , You Do Know:Learning to Act on Intuition Instantly)  and five e-books. Becky teaches regularly around the UK, US and Chile. She has taught all over the world including: Pakistan, Hong Kong and is now based in Bristol. Becky is also a director of Openbeyond.com a platform which creates on-line courses. More info www.beckywalsh.com

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