The Desire Code by Pierre Franckh

Friday 15th, April 2016 / 13:19
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Bestselling author Pierre Franckh wants people to learn from his new book, how to create a happier, more satisfying life by mastering the power of creative thinking.

Best-selling German author with more than 60 titles published in 11 countries, Pierre Franckh is set to target the UK and US markets with the English language release of his best-selling book The Desire Code via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Discover The Desire Code, in which Pierre shows his 7 Keys to fulfilling your wishes for success, wealth and happiness. Pierre reveals proven techniques that combine science and psychology to enable people to have all that they want – a new car, a big house, the love of their life or almost anything else. ‘I was a very famous actor in Germany, living the ‘red carpet’ life, believing I had everything you could wish for. But deep inside, I was very unhappy. I decided to learn what it takes to become truly happy and recorded the answers as I discovered them. Now I have everything I have wished for. My desire is to share these insights with you all, so you can benefit from them too.’


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