The Deep Calling to Love by B Prior

B Prior talks about his new book “Love Without Duality – Awakening in Intimacy”, which is a pointer to the profoundly real purpose that lies within our intimate relationship and the ordinary, extra-ordinary everyday living of it.

He proposes that our pull to be together in love and intimacy is essentially a Divine Calling that propels us beyond our individuality into the heart of who we really are. In the deepest place our intimacy is about the Love of God, Truth or Source within each other and in all things. It is a place of universal alchemy – utterly sacred. To engage this and only this depth within our relationship is to align our life with its highest purpose. Our sacred union then becomes, as true tantric tradition proposes, a pathway to Self-Realisation and its direct manifestation as our lives together.

B Prior enquires into the very mystery that ultimately takes us beyond gender and identity into the living of Love that has no opposite.

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