The Astrological Dynamics of the Universe: December-February 2014


This article first appeared in Watkins Mind Body Spirit #36, Winter 2013-14.

by Demian Allan

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e now come to the end of 2013, a year of readjustments and political shifts, when the dance between Uranus and Pluto has caused a destabilisation. The volatile energy of the planets has created a collective insecurity in the West not seen since the 1970s. The question is can we slow the world down? What I mean by that statement is, are we in a position to reflect upon what it is that we all want, or are we heading for a crash with warnings in big red letters? Uranus, Neptune and Pluto deal with the outer, what we experience on an external level. 2014 will still have the themes of 2013, but with a more heightened sense of awareness, globalisation, consumerism, and political hypocrisy. However as humans we have the power to make little changes in our own lives that can make a huge impact on how the world could be run. It is up to us. Do we go along with the status quo or make a stand against what we think is wrong?

DECEMBER 2013 We are entering the end of the year, the twelfth month in the calendar; a time with the Sun in Sagittarius, a time of celebration and enjoyment. From the 5th Mercury goes into Sagittarius, a placement that is traditionally in detriment, therefore highly scattered in its nature, which in turn creates in the USA a feeling of political restlessness. The New Moon in the archer on the 3rd is the symbol of capacity, a full moon shining in a clear sky according to ‘La Volasfera’ by Sepharial. This allows us to begin to create a new way of living within a more multicultural world, with education being the advocate of bringing us all closer to humanitarian realization. The cycle of the Sun as it travels through the constellation of Sagittarius to Capricorn on the 22nd is the starting point of winter, a time of inner nurturing. Venus in Capricorn for the month of December goes retrograde on the 21st, which could have a reverse impact on our celebrations of the New Year. Venus is our ability to enjoy the senses and the company of others; when retrograde it wants to socialise less and become more indulgent in its manner. This could cause confusion in the way that the year closes on a symbolic level.

JANUARY 2014 The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn, the planet of limitations. Since late 2012 it has been in the sign of Scorpio, which has brought a combination of sexual insights, positive and negative. This is particularly noticeable in the British media and the way we perceive (Neptune) people in the public eye. It is a revealing time and one that in 2014 will not go away as more scandals this month will test our notion of fame and fortune. Mars resides in Libra, causing more political unrest regarding war and UN policies. The UK enters a testing time as industries begin to run into more trouble through lack of governmental funding and backing. There are also problems in the housing market as new policies begin to unravel into problems over a fifteen year period, a half Saturn cycle. January remains a constant reminder of our vulnerability; the environment is a harsh judge and it is worth remembering our own personal Karma and path before reaching out to the new.

FEBRUARY 2014 The snap of the cold air of Aquarius can jolt us into action. Venus is moving forward in Capricorn which allows artistic and social occasions to run much more smoothly. However, Mercury goes retrograde on the 6th from Pisces to Aquarius, and new spiritual insights can be brought to our attention in the mainstream as we demand much more from our human need to have ‘faith’ in our journey in this world. Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, is in Aries at 9 and 10 degrees, the symbol of Pride and Victory – a fitting reflection of the general public’s need to wake up from governmental instructions and seemingly condescending rules and regulations. These are of course very Aquarian anti-establishment themes, but there are important points to be made, as the Aquarian motto is we are all individuals in a collective.

*Reference: The United Kingdom, 00.00 LT, 1 January 1801, Westminster, 51N30, 0W07. The coming into force of the Union of Great Britain and Ireland. United States of America, 17.10 LMT, 4 July 1776, Philadelphia, 39N57, 75W10.


Demian Allan

Demian Allan is a professional Psychic, Astrologer and Tarot reader. He is available for face to face readings every Sunday at Watkins. To book a reading, email Demian is the author of “The Astrological dynamics of the Universe, 1970-2020“, which is based on his regular column in Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit. The book looks at how the astrological cycles of planets in signs have had a major impact on the Western World since 1970, and how each zodiac sign can get the best from the next 8 years.

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