Talks & Signings this September

Tuesday 06th, September 2011 / 13:31

We regularly hold book signings, launches & author talks in the bookshop. All the events are free, so please come over, bring your friends & meet like-minded people!

Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon – Book Signing
Tuesday, September 13 @Watkins Books – 1300-15.00 (invite friends)
Dolores Cannon is back at Watkins Books for a book signing session a year after her previous UK visit. Dolores is a past-life regressionist and hypnotherapist. She has been specializing in past-life therapy since 1979. Dolores has been a UFO investigator for twenty years, using her skills as a regressionist to help people that had  been involved in abduction cases. She’s an author of 17 books, including “the Convoluted Universe” series and her latest “Three Waves of Volunteers & the New Earth”.

Tobias Churton

Tobias Churton: Biography of Aleister Crowley – Talk & Book Signing
Spiritual Revolutionary, Romantic Explorer, Occult Master – and Spy
Tuesday, September 20 @Watkins Books – 17.30-18.30 (invite friends)
Tobias Churton is a world authority on Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Hermeticism and Gnosticism. Packed with previously unpublished information, his new book reveals the man behind the appalling reputation, demolishing a century of scandalmongering that persuaded the world that Crowley was a black magician, a traitor and a sexual wastrel, addicted to drugs and antisocial posing, rather than the mind-blowing truth that Crowley was a genius as significant as Jung, Freud or Einstein. more details >><(Download a sample chapter from Aleister Crowley: The Biography (direct link to pdf)

Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart: The Bond – Talk & Book Signing
Thursday, September 29 @Watkins – 18.00-19.00 (invite friends)

We are in crisis because we live a lie. We believe we flourish because we compete and fight – personally, as a nation, and as the dominant species.  But we succeed only because we share, we care and we’re fair, as Lynne McTaggart’s latest, profound and life-altering book proves. The Bond demonstrates that we are in constant relationship with everything and everyone. Pulling together a vast array of cutting edge scientific discovery, McTaggart demonstrates that the idea of ‘us against them’ is one of the most fundamental misconceptions we make.

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