Summer Solstice by John Awen

As well as pointing out some facts, I will be making the comparison between the retreat of Winter, which we as humans do, and run a parallel comparison to the greatest ball of majestic fire which warms, lights and invigorates us through our lives and in all aspects of. Slowly over a 6 month journey from Winter Solstice, we emerge from our Wintry cocoon and hibernation state, the sun retreats in Winter as well and then slowly, we emerge from our almost stasis state of being, just as the great Sun God, starts his emergence, gathering height, gaining warmth and peaking at Summer Solstice, where he reaches his highest trajectory in the skies above. In parallel with the Sun, we step out on a physical, mental and spiritual journey at the same time, culminating at the same time as the Sun. A 6 month journey, which can be reflected and mirrored onto all aspects of our lives, peaking at Summer Solstice. After what is in effect, a 6 month journey, of all our levels of consciousness/sub consciousness, we then slowly start to wane and once again, start the journey back down from what is the peak in our year, running in accordance to the great Sun Gods journey at the same time.

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