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Staff Pick of the Day: The Radiance Sutras

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The Radiance Sutras

The Radiance Sutras: 112 Gateways to the Yoga of Wonder and Delight, £18.99, Available from Watkins Books

Lorin Roche
The Radiance Sutras: 112 Gateways to the Yoga of Wonder and Delight
Sounds True 2014

Selected by Klaus from Watkins Books:

“The one who is at play everywhere said:
There is a place in the heart where everything meets.
Go there if you want to find me.
Mind, soul, senses, eternity, all are there.
Are you there?”

The Radiance Sutras is is a truly poetic rendering of the Bhairava Tantra, an ancient encyclopedia of yogic meditation techniques framed as a conversation between divine lovers: Devi, the Creative Energy that pemeates the universe, and Bhairava, the infinite consciousness that embraces her.
He informs her about 112 meditation practices that offer a wide variety of techniques and allow each individual to find their doorway into wonder, astonishment, und delight …

“Meditate on the Self as being Vast as the sky, a body of energy
Extending forever in all directions.”

The translator and commentor of this Tantra, Lorin Roche, has taught meditation for more than 40 years und developed an approach which works with each person’s uniqueness – a background can be felt on every page of his book. He augments each rendering of the original verses with highly practical instructions for exploration and application of each technique.

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