Staff Pick of the Day: SOMNIUM

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SOMNIUM, £20.00, Available from Watkins Books

Steve Moore
Strange Attractor

Selected by Hugh from Watkins Books:

‘The late Selene-acolyte Steve Moore’s Somnium- A Fantastic Romance is a era-stretching, moonlight-dappled fantastique set upon Shooter’s Hill, rising above London to the Southeast.  Moore’s silvered prose draws you into the dusky fever-dreams of 19th century writer Chrisopher Morley, residing at the Old Bull Inn, into the lucent layers of his romance of Endimion Lee & the Goddess Diana; reflecting John Keats lambent Dream-within-dreams kisses and Kepler’s lunar Levania.  Magus Alan Moore writes an afterword; and the genesis of Somnium is the subject of his multimedia eulogy UnEarthing.

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