Staff Pick of the Day: Psychology of The Heart

Friday 24th, April 2015 / 10:00
main imagepsych_heartEd Rubenstein
Psychology of The Heart: A Workbook for Living A Heart-Centered Life
LotusHeart Publishing

Selected by Luciana from Watkins Books.

Book Description: Psychology of the Heart is a workbook specifically designed to help you thrive and experience the many benefits of heart-centered living while productively managing all types of daily stressors. Combining theory with practical, interactive exercises, this uniquely enjoyable and highly effective workbook provides meaningful personal insight and valuable tools that enable you to experience more meaning, peace, happiness, connection, and gratitude in your life.
This workbook will help you build a foundation through a heart-based approach that will most likely be very different than anything you have experienced before. It will then become clear that opening our heart is not a thought process; it is not a visual, mental, emotional, or mindful experience. Our deepest knowing, connections, and our deepest most fulfilling experiences in life are accessed through our heart.




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