Staff Pick of the Day: Open Secret

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Wei Wu Wei
Open Secret
Sentient Publications

Selected by Ricky from Watkins Books:

How many of the ways (disciplines, exercises, practices) recommended as helpful, or even necessary, for the attainment of Satori are not in fact consequences of that state erroneously suggested as means? – Wei Wu Wei

‘If ever a book could ‘logic’ the reader into ‘Self Realisation’…. this is it. You may have to read each line over and over again though!’

About the book: Open Secret is an essential work by the mysterious Wei Wu Wei, author of a series of Buddhist and Taoist spiritual classics. In poetry, dialogs, epigrams, and essays, he addresses our illusions concerning the mind, the self, logic, time, space, and causation. Reading this jewel of a book, one enters into a heart and mind possessed of a very clear insight into the essence of understanding. The pseudonymous Irish author was born in England in 1895 and died in 1986.

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