Staff Pick of the Day: Hecate’s Fountain

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Hecate’s Fountain, £30.00. Available from Watkins Books

Kenneth Grant
Hecate’s Fountain
Starfire Publishing Ltd

Selected by Hugh from Watkins Books

This book is part of Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian ennealogy, currently being re-issued by Starfire Publishing. It’s a tome of arcane equations & strange stories about the continuation of the post-Aleister Crowley Thelemic ritual society Ordo Templis Orientis, specifically in the form of the Typhonian ‘Nu-Isis Lodge’. It describes an eldritch world of delirious magicians doing ceremonies under the dusky streets of 1950’s London; a hybrid of baphometic performance, protoplasmic Lovecraftian evocation and the spectral currents of Austin Osman Spare (who apparently did their set design backdrops); magick set to the distant beats of ‘Jumpin’ at the Woodside’.

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