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Staff Pick of the Day




     Carroll, Peter J. & Matt Kayburn
     Epoch The Esotericon & Portals of Chaos
     Arcanorium College




Selected by Hugh from Watkins Books:

‘This book and accompanying deck seems a weird and wonderful sorcery. Colorful and dense with ideas, diverse in its global and aeonic point-of-view, helping ‘oneselves’ contact a continuum of pagan (and non-pagan) archetypes in the guise of Goddesses and Gods (both ancient and postmodern) from within and without oneselves.  It’s also a portable chaos magickal shrine set: these cards are over-sized and make useful mediation foci / altar pieces; utilizing an ingenious alignment of classical elemental powers, a spectrum of astrological rulers and a selection of deities that make up the interstices between each planet. Then this “Chaobala” heads out past Yuggoth towards the eldritch Lovecraftian Cthulhu Mythos; the whole presided over by the arcane entities Baphomet & Nyarlathotep. Smell the gnosis!’

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