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Soul Speak: The Language of Your Body

(by Julia Cannon)

The full article appears on Watkins Mind Body Spirit Issue 40.

What is your body trying to tell you? What is pain telling you? Soul Speak shows how our higher selves deliver messages to us through our physical bodies to keep us on our chosen paths of development.

I was guided to write this book about our ability to heal ourselves by learning to communicate with our bodies, but found myself reluctant to do so, even though I had worked as a registered nurse in Intensive Care and Home Healthcare for over 20 years. But my guidance persisted and continued to be insistent. I am very thankful to my Higher Self for constantly reminding how important it is to share this information.

Perhaps it was the realization that we are all great and powerful beings that urged me to make it my mission to play a part in helping us all remember that. Through my guidance, it was revealed to me how important it is that we stop looking outside ourselves for answers. That we stop looking for someone or something to ‘fix’ us. We have all the answers inside of us. So I decided to write about how to connect to any part of the body to clearly hear one’s internal messages and discover how to interpret them.

When something arises in your life and has its roots in everything you’ve done, it’s safe to say it is a product of your life experiences. In my case, my father Johnny Cannon was a career U.S. Naval Officer, so I was raised as a Navy brat (a military term for a child raised by parents in the U.S. Navy). As a result, my family moved about every two years or whenever my father was transferred.

Even though I was raised as a Baptist and went to church most Sundays, I was also raised to be open-minded and to ask questions. I have always been interested in things that are unusual and unseen. Both my father and my mother, Dolores Cannon, shared this curiosity and perhaps that is where I got it.

When I was a young girl in Texas in 1968, Johnny and Dolores Cannon embarked on a journey of their own into the unknown that was the origin of my mother’s nearly 50-year career as a hypnotherapist and past life regressionist. During a hypnosis session with a woman whose husband was also stationed at the same base as my father, they were shocked when she saw herself as a baby in her present life and then went further back in time, reliving a previous life. Ultimately, she relived five previous lives in startling hypnosis sessions that changed our family forever. After their experiments in past life regression concluded, my father was involved in a horrible automobile accident and nearly died. Many years later, he eventually recovered, but was permanently disabled. He led a long and interesting life while my mother pursued her newfound abilities as a hypnotherapist, writer and researcher of hidden and lost knowledge.

I don’t recall when I started receiving messages audibly. It was very gradual and subtle and it started as hunches or intuition. I remember a couple of times while I was driving alone I would be contemplating a question or situation and suddenly I would hear a shout from the backseat of my car. I remember turning around to look, fully expecting to see someone there. The second time it happened, I took heed. I realized someone or something was trying to communicate with me.

In the beginning, I received very simple, mostly one word answers when I would ask a question. I have since found this is a very normal step in the development of these abilities. Another phenomenon I started noticing was that after I received a message, I would get three different confirmations within a 24-hour period. This process of acknowledgement and confirmation helps build trust in our own guidance and opens the channels of communication.

“They” have told me these abilities are our God given, natural right. They are as natural as breathing. Allow them to come through. There is nothing to be afraid of – you are stepping into your true self. We are much grander than we imagine, but have forgotten who and what we are and how to align ourselves with the flow of divine communication. If we aren’t able to listen, the next best way of delivering a message is the mechanism we are dealing with every second of every minute of every day — our bodies.

The body is talking to you all the time and you can talk to it. The body loves for you to talk to it. With every ache, pain and symptom, the body is delivering a message of importance to you in its own unique language, but the problem is many of us are unable to translate it. With this book, I challenged myself to help others decipher the direct communication between our bodies, minds and souls.

One of the most effective ways to get our attention is through pain; that is why we experience it. When we learn to communicate directly with all our parts, we no longer need physical messages to remind us of our journey and purpose.

In Soul Speak: The Language of Your Body, I began by covering our emotions, which are the indicators of where we are in relation to our growth. I then included chapters on illnesses, overviews of the various systems of our bodies and the meanings behind illnesses in the various organs and parts of our bodies.

With this book, my goal is to reveal to others that we can heal any situation by understanding the messages the body is delivering and taking appropriate action. All by discovering for yourself what you are actually trying to say to yourself.


Julia Cannon

Julia Cannon

Meet the Author: Julia Cannon became a registered nurse and worked in Intensive Care and Home Health for more than twenty years. She then decided to explore the many other avenues of the healing profession and has trained extensively in Reconnective Healing and Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy.



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