Soul Plan: Reconnect with Your True Life Purpose

(by Blue Marsden)

(From Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit magazine, issue 33, Spring 2013)

A Beijing Chi Kung Master once told me that in her spiritual tradition they say – once you realise ‘who you really are’ your material and life circumstances are of little consequence. In the meantime, however, one should strive for good fortune and to fulfil their destiny.

This is of course a good, common sense prescription and an intelligent life strategy. However, isn’t it possible that in the journey of fulfilling your destiny, by implication you come into being ‘who you really are’? I would go further still and suggest that as a consequence of ‘seeing who you really are’, life usually unfolds in a way that is more effective and aligned. This is because there is a symbiotic link between ‘being’ and ‘seeing’.

So how can we come to ‘be’ who we truly are and how can we come to ‘see’ this?

SOUL PLAN: Reconnect with Your True Life Purpose by Blue Marsden, published by Hay House, paperback (400 pages).

Soul Plan is an entirely new interpretation of an ancient system of life-purpose analysis derived in part from an ancient mystical text (the Sefer Yetzirah – ‘The Book of Formation’), which outlines a creation theory in which duality emerges from an original state of unity. The book introduces what, for the vast majority of readers, will be an entirely new and fascinating way of seeing their lives.

As a starting point the method uses the sound vibration and intention behind a person’s given name (creation of identity) to determine their entire ‘Soul Plan’. Readers are shown an intriguing yet easy-to-learn method of calculating their Soul Plan but can, if they prefer, access an online calculator, which saves them doing the legwork and allows them several Soul Plan calculations for free (using the website access code given in the book).

The primary message of the book is that simply by discovering your Soul Plan as revealed, you can take conscious and defined steps to align with it. The subtler energetic message is that through this discovery a natural and unconscious alignment occurs that may come to reveal our deeper true nature. The Soul Plan then unfolds naturally.

This is a very practical book in which readers will have their greatest challenges (separation patterns) confirmed along with healing insights, antidotes and practical suggestions on how these can be best overcome.

Within the everyday world of duality there are many polarity experiences encountered in day-to-day life. Wealth/poverty, slavery/mastery, wisdom/foolishness are just a few examples of these often relative conditions. There are many others that form major challenges in our individual experiences and discovering your Soul Plan will reveal which ones are most pertinent to you.

A Soul Plan also outlines the particular talents and aspirations of each individual. These are divided into worldly talents and goals (including career, health and relationships) and then spiritual or more lofty aspirations, equivalent to a higher purpose. Beyond this, yet intimately connected, is the transcendent message that points to our essential unity and is contained within the tailored ‘soul messages’, which are again relevant to your unique Soul Plan.

Though the Sefer Yetzirah provides the main foundations of the code, the late Frank Alper (author of the trilogy Exploring Atlantis) has provided a Star Gematria method allowing this work to be developed into an astonishingly accurate life path and counselling tool. Frank also assigned/channelled symbols along with the basic interpretations, which are fundamental to this work.

I have added further interpretations inspired through my research, inspiration and meditation on the transcendent meaning of the original text. Additionally, I have included further observations and anecdotes of how the energies play out, gained from many years of looking at thousands of Soul Plans and through facilitating a wide range of therapeutic interventions to help clients overcome specific patterns and challenges within their Plan. Some readers may also detect influences and resonances from a non-duality orientation, which is integrated into the energetic integrity of what has become the Soul Plan system.

Soul Plan is likely to be of immediate appeal to those interested in astrology, enneagram, numerology, the Western mystery tradition, kaballah, advaita, tarot as well as to counsellors, life coaches and therapists (practitioners for example will be able to examine a client’s Soul Plan in preparation for or prior to a session).

However, Soul Plan’s unique appeal may be in bridging the gap between those interested in personal worldly enhancement and those whose concerns are more consciously focused on their spiritual development. Of course, when we look deeper we see that ultimately the motivation in both camps is simply different expressions of the natural tendency towards seeking our essence. Soul Plan provides an extremely catalytic system, which has the ability to enhance our ordinary life experience, help us connect with a greater level of satisfaction, direction and purpose but above all expand and shift our awareness in the process.


Blue Marsden

Blue Marsden is a teacher of contemporary counselling, healing and spirituality who has blended a lifelong study of ancient esoteric methods with a degree in Philosophy and an MA in Psychoanalysis. He is founder of Holistic Healing College and trains and certifies holistically aware counsellors internationally. Counselling School:

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