Made-Easy Series Book Launch at Watkins!

Wednesday, June 1 @Watkins Books – 6.00pm to 7.00pm (free entry)

The new Made Easy Series of titles are brief 100 page introductions to a broad range of spiritual knowledge areas. They appeal to anyone asking spiritual questions and wishing to explore new areas of spirituality.

Join us for the launch here at Watkins Books in 19, Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ on Wednesday 1st June at 6pm. Author talks introducing their books will be followed by Q&A and book signings.

  • Simplicity MADE EASY by  Jennifer Kavanagh discusses why and how simplicity is more than a lifestyle option: it is a way of life.
  • Downshifting MADE EASY How to plan for your planet-friendly future by Marian Van Eyk McCain is a simple, useful guidebook for anyone seeking to move and thrive, healthily and happily, into the coming ‘Age of Sustainability’.
  • The Druid Way MADE EASY by Graeme Talboys introduces the Druid Way in an acorn.
  • Kabbalah MADE EASY by Maggy Whitehouse is a down-to-Earth, no-red-strings-attached look at the mystical tradition made famous by the Kabbalah Center.
  • Psychosynthesis MADE EASY – A psychospiritual psychology for today by Stephanie Sorrell explains why psychosynthesis is known as psychology with a soul,  and how it works from the ego to the Spirit.
  • Myths of the Afterlife MADE EASY by Annamaria Hemingway alleviates the ever present anxiety surrounding by using the symbolic content of mythological near-death journeys, which change perception of reality and provide an illumined wisdom to enrich our myths about death.

Other books in the Made Easy series will cover: Numerology, Palmistry, Runes, Conscious Living, Philosophy of the Mind, Psychosynthesis etc.

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